Sasaeng, Another Name of a Criminal


Hey you third class yellow journalists and HoTel sisters out there!

If someone went through other people’s trash to find more trash and shouted out
“This person threw his trash out in the bin! It’s dirty!” that is not news or a fact.
It is just dirty trash.

 It’s not like they were loitering, so if throwing trash into the garbage bin is dirty,
then is taking the garbage out the original sin and a vice?

Seems like you are sympathizing with trash’s feelings just a little too far there.

Don’t talk out loud that you are ‘THE trash’.
We are already well aware of that you are just lowering the whole worlds’ intelligence.

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C-JeS Announcement – The Guideline for JYJ Fan Support

C-JeS Announcement – The Guideline for JYJ Fan Support
(Dec 13, 2011)

Greetings from C-JeS Entertainment.

We, the company in charge of JYJ’s management, hereby establish the below Guideline for Fan Support effective from Jan 1, 2012.

Until now, we have considered events and sales of goods produced by fan sites as a sphere of fans’ self-regulation. However, it has become inevitable to set the management’s policy regarding fan supports in the form of a guideline because the uses of the artists’ right
to their names without any permission and profit-making that lost the power of self-regulation have occurred. It would be appreciated if you could note this guideline regarding fan supports.

Fan-made goods especially have been serious problems because 1) this has turned into forms of business with high profits beyond the range of fan-activities, 2) the fan goods with artists’ images are being sold in other countries at high price by illegal merchants, 3) due to the industrialization of fan-made goods, the manufacturing of official products which are designed to give back fair earnings to the artists has been damaged, and 4) it causes actual disadvantages for artists as it effects the conditions of violation on official contracts for merchandising products. Therefore, strict policy [as below] will be taken regarding the sales of goods and events.

1) It is prohibited to use JYJ’s right to the names[Nomensrecht] and portrait (photos and images) on [fan-made] products.

2) When there are fan-events of JYJ (Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu) involving more than 100 people in attendance, the organizing bodies must inform [C-JeS] about the details of the events in advance.
If there are any entry fees, prior consultation and approval from C-JeS are required regarding the details of funds raised by the entry fees.

(Events with less than 100 people in attendance or events with no entry fees are excluded.)

3) If funds are raised as entry fees or donations, even if it is for fan supports or charity, such information must be shared with C-JeS in advance.

In spite of these guidelines, we believe that healty fan culture only can be established not by the warnings from the management company but through fans’ own awareness and will. Your wise judgement as fans who love JYJ would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

Original Link:
Translated by: Mission4JYJ (

 +) To help your understandings:

Many fan-sites declare that the profits from their events or sales of goods are used for the members’ supports or other activities as the money comes from other fans.
However, it became controversial because there have hardly been any statements or reports saying where the fans’ money are actually used.

As the scale of events or profits from fan-made goods are much bigger than the past since not only domestic fans but also international fans pay for them, the sum of money they handle is unimaginably large.

In principle, many fan-made goods violate the artists’ right to their names and portraits, but it was tolerated based on fans’ self-regulation. However, this has become more ‘industrialized’ with huge amount of profit by using the artists’ own rights without any permission or detailed report.

With this official guideline, we hope that events or fan-made goods would have more healty structures in order to protect not only the members’ rights and fair earnings but also fans’ precious money that is paid for the sincere support.

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[ENG Trans] JYJ Jaejoong Kim’s solo fan meeting in China made a great success – startling 1,000 fans cheered outside

JYJ Jaejoong Kim’s solo fan-meeting in China made a great success
– startling 1,000 fans cheered outside

JYJ Jaejoong Kim showed off his unchanging popularity.

Jaejoong Kim held his solo fan meeting at Shanghai International Gymnastic Center in China on Dec 10. The event was planned to return fans’ huge love for SBS drama <Protect the Boss> and received huge attention as the 4,000 seats had been immediately sold out when the ticket sales was open.

Jaejoong Kim arrived to Shanghai Honggyo Airport on Dec 09 and began preparing the event. The airport was overcrowded with 1,000 fans gathered to greet him and Jaejoong had to get out the airport through the exit for VIP passengers. Also on the day of Dec 10, his popularity was proven as not only 4,000 fans who purchased tickets for the event but also about 1,000 fans without tickets gathered outside of the venue and cheered him.

He revealed some untold stories of the <Protect the Boss> and sang <I’ll Protect You>, the OST that he wrote the word by himself for the drama. Also he received enthusiastic responses during the Q&A time that he selected the question papers written by fans, made a direct phone call to a fan chosen by lot and other games.

“I’ve been aware of that many fans in China support me and felt sorry that I could not come more often. I appreciate that fans gave me constant love like this although I came to China in a long time. I’ll do my best to be better actor and better singer in the future.” said Jaejoong.’

“<Protect the Boss> made huge sales result in international countries based on Jaejoong’s popularity. We’ve been flooded with requests from many other countries to visit their countries too.” reveled C-JeS Entertainment.

The host company of the event also said “Chinese fans were so passionate by watching the drama on the internet in real time regardless of the local broadcasting of the drama. Jaejoong has been so popular here and Muwon, the character he played, was also really attractive so that his popularity is just explosive. We were also so surprised by the fans gathered outside of the venue to cheer him despite the cold weather”.

It is known that he is working on the new songs for JYJ’s next album and reviewing the next work [for acting career].

Original Link:

Translated By: Mission4JYJ (

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The cruel history of JYJ – Looking Back the year since JYJ’s debut (1)

It’s been over an year since Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu had their new steps as ‘JYJ’.
As you all know, JYJ and the fans have endured such a difficult time and it is still an ongoing issue ever since then.

We hereby present this post as the evidence of the fact that JYJ is growing up in such obstacles, in the hope that we would soon greet the end of this tunnel with smile.

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[ENG Trans] Junsu KIM awarded Most Popular Actor at Korea Musical Awards and gave meaningful commentary.

Junsu KIM awarded Most Popular Actor at Korea Musical Awards
and gave meaningful commentary

[TV Report, Jin Young Park]

JYJ Junsu Kim was awarded Most Popular Actor for 2 years in a row.

The 17th Korea Musical Awards was held on November 14, 2011, at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park. The awards was aired on SBS from 17:13 and conducted by Hyunwoo Lee (Singer & Actor) and Hye Young Yoo (SBS announcer).

Junsu Kim was awarded Most Popular Actor with Gong Joo Yoon. Both acted on ‘Tears of Heaven’ together [for the leading roles]. The award showed Junsu Kim’s potential power as a 2-time winner of Most Popular Actor for 2 years in a row.

“First of all, I appreciate the really precious award. I think the passion of actors and staff, living energy from audience delivered to every stage make musical stages so powerful and this is the most attractive thing [about musicals]”, commented Junsu Kim.

“I would like to appreciate the opportunity that I attended the awards this year following the last year, and even gave this grateful award to me”, Junsu explained his impressive emotion.

He continued, “I’ve been really sad because the objective figures that we-JYJ- achieved were neglected and not fairly evaluated for some time. It is so meaningful that I can just stand here like this and I would like to appreciate our staff as well as the audience and fans who cried together.

[Irrelevant parts were omitted]

Original Link:

Translated By: Mission4JYJ (

Congratulations!! >3<

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Japanese Fans distributed a leaflet on newspapers in Ibaraki to thank JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert

Japanese Fans distributed a leaflet on newspapers in Ibaraki
to thank JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan

On Sunday November 6, 2011, Japanese fans distributed a leaflet on morning newspapers to thank the successful concert of JYJ live concert on October 15-16, 2011, at Hitach Seaside Park in Ibaraki, Hitachinaka City. The leaflet was delivered to 30,000 houses in Hitachinaka City, inserted on Ibaraki Newspaper, The Yomiuri Newspaper, Japan Economic Times, Tokyo Newspaper, Mainichi Newspaper and Asahi Newspaper.
(It’s a separated leaflet, normally inserted in newspapers.)

Photo Credit: beside JYJ

[The image of the leaflet](The below is translation of the leaflet)

We hereby express our sincere words of consolation to everyone affected by the earthquake in East Japan.

Ganbare Japan! Ganbare Ibaraki!

On October 15~16, 2011, Korean group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu) had concerts at Hitach Seaside Park in support of Ibaraki.


This concert became literally ‘UNFORGETTBAL CONCERT’ for all JYJ Fans.
Also Ibaraki and Hitachinaka City became ‘UNFORGETTABLE PLACE’ for us too.

We suppose that there were really many difficulties in putting this concert through.

We truly appreciate everyone who worked to make the successful concert.
Thank you very much for providing such warmhearted place for JYJ and the fans.

We will never forget your kind smiles, friendly manner and warm consideration we met
in Hitachinaka.

A lot of cosmos and red Summer cypress at Hitach Seaside Park were such a consolation
to us. We would like to visit Hitachinaka again, to see those beautiful flowers.

There were so many fans who visited Ibaraki for the first time in their life to see JYJ Concert. We will sincerely keep supporting the revival of Ibaraki and Hitachinaka with JYJ.


(This is an actual leaflet.)

Thank you for the fans in Japan who made this impressive plan.

All pictures of the leafelt and the plan made by: @besidejyj
Original link in Japanese:


We appreciate BesideJYJ, for approving our request to translate/spread the news
to Korean fans and providing additional pictures.

Translated by: Mission4JYJ (Http://

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[ENG Trans] JYJ made a great success in Japan with 80,000 fans gathered for the concert – “We will sing and won’t give up”

JYJ made a great success in Japan with 80,000 fans gathered for the concert
– “We will sing and won’t give up”

OCT 17, 2011

[TV Daily, Jin Kyoung Kim Reports]

The group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim) made a big wave in Japan.

JYJ had their solo concert ‘JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan 2011’ at Hitach Park in Ibaraki, Japan for 2 days from Oct 15 to Oct 16, with 80,000 fans gathered.

The concert was a great hit beyond the sponsoring body’s expectation as the crowd also filled the standing sections on the day of the events.

All seats of JYJ solo concert in Japan had been sold out and the website of ticket sales was down as soon as the sales started in Sep.

 Hitach Park was completely packed from the early morning with tens of thousands of fans to see JYJ who had not had activities in Japan for a while since the earthquake in March. Even the trains heading to Hitach Park could not take any more passengers and had to just pass through some stations around the park without stopping because the trains were filled with JYJ’s fans. Also the traffic was paralyzed by the cars from all over Japan from the dawn.

 “We were aware of the popularity [of JYJ] because all seats had been sold out,
but all staff was really surprised after over 10,000 of crowd also filled all standing sectors” said a concert staff.

 JYJ showed their best performances with the songs from ‘In Heaven’, the latest Korean album, and ‘The beginning’, the World Wide album. Also the crowd got excited during the songs from the dramas that each member took part in both [TV] appearance and OST: ‘Found You’ from SKK Scandal, ‘I’ll protect you’ from Protect the Boss and ‘You are so beautiful’ from Scent of a Woman.

The fans gathered from Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka and all over Japan to see their stage in spite of the bad weather.

“We are really thrilled to meet Japanese fans at last. Actually many people worried when we decided to have concerts in the earthquake area, but we did not want to miss the chance to meet Japanese fans. We felt so much love from you and got more courage today”, commented JYJ right before the finale.

They continued with tears, “The situation is difficult to meet you through TV or concerts
[in Japan] but we will do our best, make our music hard and not give up. We always appreciate your everlasting love and will show more improved JYJ”.

The 40,000 of fans cheered JYJ by shouting out “It’s fine, JYJ!” with tears while the members were expressing their sincere thanks. JYJ sang ‘In Heaven’ passionately as the last song in return.

 “[JYJ’s] Activities in Japan have been stopped by many obstacles, but we felt so much passion of the fans who love and support JYJ through this solo concert. We promise that we will have more concerts regularly in the future” said Chang Ju Baek, the CEO of C-JeS Entertainment that takes care of JYJ’s management.

Meanwhile, JYJ will continue their journey to Barcelona (Spain) and Berlin (Germany) for their solo concerts of world tour.

Original Link:

Translated by: Mission4JYJ (http://

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