Crebeau cleared by the Court from SM’s countersuit

Originally Posted on February 18, 2011 by dctvxqgall

The Court dismissed Crebeau Cosmetics

from SM’s counter-suit

While the court dismissed SM Entertainment’s objections against court’s approval of the three former members of TVXQ’s application of the provisional injunction, Lee Kyung Duk, Head of Operations of CreBeau Cosmetics Inc., revealed that the SM’s counter-suit case against his company was also fully dismissed by the court. SM Entertainment pointed out CreBeau Cosmetics as the source of the three members’ lawsuit.

In July 2009, the three of the members from a popular idol group, TVXQ, filed for provisional injunction to terminate the exclusive contract against SM Entertainment (SME) at Seoul Central District Court. SME announced to the media that CreBeau Cosmetics Inc. was to blame, tempting the three members with financial gain from the cosmetic business.

CreBeau Cosmetics responded by suing SME for concealing SME’s internal problems between its artists and the management, manipulating the public opinion to dodge fans’ criticisms and weaken the three members’ position, and scapegoating the cosmetic company as the main culprit using a simple financial investment as an excuse. When the court dismissed this case, SME filed a counter-suit against CreBeau Inc. for defamation, obstruction of business, and false accusation.

After investigation, the prosecution concluded last December that there is no evidence to argue that the cosmetic company sued SME on false information.

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You can also find English translation of the legal document related to this case here on JYJ3

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2 Responses to Crebeau cleared by the Court from SM’s countersuit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your work to clarify the rumors.

  2. makigeonna says:

    Hwaiting JYJ, love the spirit^^

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