[ENG Trans] JYJ’s agency strongly refutes the allegation: legal actions against this will be taken

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The below incident is something that someone abuses names of celebrities so he/she can draw more attention. ‘PARK’ in the article blamed JYJ and C-jeS Entertainment for having free showcases in the U.S last year (due to visa problems), which were all paid by JYJ in order to keep the promises with the fans waited for their performances so long. Is this something can be considered as ‘fault’? We wonder how this pure decision for fans could be changed into something to blame.     

JYJ’s agency strongly refutes the allegation: “We are the ones who suffered from pecuniary loss. We will take legal action against this”

[Report by Won JEON, NewsN]

JYJ[Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu)’s agency has officially announced the statement regarding its allegation of fraud.

JYJ’s agency has revealed via press release saying that “C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of JYJ’s management, has judged that the unilateral release copy which was delivered to media, saying that [H Dream Inc.] has fallen a victim to a fraud regarding JYJ’s showcase tour in U.S. last year can no longer be condoned. We will take strong legal actions against this allegation.”

 “Through Sejong Law Firm, C-JeS Entertainment will take strong legal actions against H Dream Inc. for mentioning C-JeS Entertainment and JYJ as one of the accused in its complaint distributed to the press media on March 15, 2011 for a fraud against KIM who claimed that he was the subcontractor of the showcase tour in U.S. organized by C-JeS Entertainment.

In the complaint, it only says that H Dream has made investments to KIM but has no relevant information regarding either C-JeS Entertainment or Warner Music’s involvement. As these are only unilateral speculations, it is clear that charges of fraud against C-JeS Entertainment cannot be valid, and H Dream Inc.’s actions can be considered as both a false accusation and published defamation. Therefore, C-JeS Entertainment has decided that it is necessary to take strong legal actions against H Dream Inc.” said C-jeS.

Sang Hyuk LIM, the legal representative (Sejong law firm) for C-JeS Entertainment regarding this case commented that “Some people have always abused advantages of the celebrities’ fear that being in the news with unpleasant incidents would affect on their reputation negatively. JYJ also has been forced to meet unreasonable demands for many times but put up with it for the same reason. But this time, a strong legal response will be taken because it seems that they have gone too far beyond the limit of tolerance.  

 “This endemic problem is something that other celebrities, not only JYJ, commonly experience. We ask that fans and the media would cooperate so such problems will no longer be repeated itself.” LIM requested.

Chang Ju Baek, the C-JeS Entertainment’s representative, refuted that “we are the ones who suffered from pecuniary loss and emotional distress due to inexperienced business of promotion company. [Translator’s note: They had visa problems in the U.S. caused by mistakes on documentation.] We will take strong legal actions for distributing the complaint which is irrelevant to us, in spite of the fact that we did not call the promotion company to account for the mistakes and paid all additional charges for the tour in order to keep the promise between JYJ and the fans.”

On another note, Jae Young Park from H Dream Inc. has recently filed complaint against investors of JYJ’s showcases and management representatives for a fraud. According to PARK, KIM did not make any real investments in JYJ’s showcases and information Kim provided about production, funds, and company’s debt situation was completely different from the facts. Also, the show was canceled due to poor communication between C-JeS, Warner Music, Tinsel and Pop Tunes.

PARK additionally claimed, “I personally attended JYJ’s showcase in Hong Kong on October 24, 2010. However, due to C-JeS’s mistakes, shows in 4 cities of U.S. had to be free performances, not paid. Because of this, I suffered from huge loss.”

* original link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201103171233251001

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