Full transcript of the 625 Recording with Eng. translation

Originally Posted on February 16, 2011 by dctvxqgall

As we promised before, we bring you the full transcript of the 625 recording in both Korean and English. If you download the Pdf file, you can find a link where you can download the actual recording.

Yes, this is the transcript of a full 55-min. meeting, so it’s LONG. (Holy S***! 16 pages!?!?) But please, if you can, listen to the recording, read the transcript, compare it to other translations/transcripts, and decide for yourself whether what the HoTel fans have been saying are true or not. Again, we are not trying to preach to anyone. We simply want people know the truth about Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu. As always, do not be swayed by the words of others and use your own judgment.

We will be posting another article that summarizes and analyzes this 625 meeting.

All credits for translation and transcription goes to DC TVXQ Gallery JYJ’s ATM Division. Please give us credit when you move this pdf file.

625 Recording Transcript in Kor. and Eng.


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