[Interview] JYJ, “Christmas? It’ll probably be just the three of us eating Makchang and drinking Soju”

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You might have wanted to see what really JYJ said directly about many things about them. There are so many interviews of TVXQ Act 2 and speculations about JYJ, but they were careful in talking about themselves on media so many international fans must have desired their own interviews.

So we translated the interview with press on DEC 2010, about their honest answers to many questions.  


[Interview] JYJ, “Christmas? It’ll probably be just the three of us eating Makchang and drinking Soju”

On July 31, 2009, a bomb shell dropped on the million fans of TVXQ fanclub. Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yuchun and Xiah Junsu left the team after applying for provisional injunction to terminate the validity of the exclusive contract with SM Entertainment(SM). Fans panicked at the rebellion of the ‘oppas’ at the top of the industry, and JYJ and SME are still in the tiresome legal dispute as they sued each other for damages.

From the circumstances, it seems that JYJ has been on a roller coaster ride after breaking out from the secure walls of TVXQ. They signed ten billion KRW contract with AVEX in Japan, but as AVEX suspended JYJ’s activities calling a personal history of their manager into question, their activities in Japan were also blocked. They collaborated with the pop star Kanye West in their worldwide album ‘The Beginning,’ but they haven’t been able to promote the album, not even once on Korean TV. For the first time since leaving the team, the three revealed in the press interview, “We don’t know when this fight will end, but we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. We are thankful for what we have now.”

Q. You’ve won the Golden Disk Award twice (in 2006 and 2008). Did you see this year’s award?

“I did. It reminded me of the old memories. It’s already been two years since we were on that stage. I still treasure the white golden medal we got that day.” – Yuchun

Q. We heard that Hero Jaejoong is very popular among the Japanese female celebrities. There are rumors about him being in a romantic relationship.

“Those articles are all fiction. I am good friends with some of the stars in Japan,
but I am not dating any one of them. It’s quite common that celebrities in Japan socialize often in private unlike in Korea. Hamasaki Ayumi and I are good friends as well, and
I think that’s why there was a romantic rumor about us.”
– Jaejoong

“Jaejoong has everything that Japanese women would like. He’s cute and sexy at the same time, so everyone’s going crazy for him. But he really doesn’t have a girlfriend.”
– Yuchun

Q.Many Korean artists are popular in Japan these days.

“Status of Korean artists have been elevated so much that people say there’s even an advantage for being a Korean artist. People recognize that Korean artists have good singing skills, dance skills and the looks. Also, it’s not just the skills, but it seems that they admire Korean men for having high tolerance for alcohol and nice bodies. – Jaejoong

Q. You were working hard in Japan for the last several years, but you have been unable to resume your activities.

“We expected that there would be hardships. We are just thankful that we were able to release the worldwide album. It’s upsetting, but we just want everything to work out soon so we can meet our fans again.” – Junsu

Q. Why did you leave the team knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy? People could have pointed fingers at you for being a traitor.

“We were very confused for almost over a year until we finally made the decision. At the time there were many speculations about business and profit distribution, but we have only one answer. We thought about what answers we would give to the question ‘were we happy?’ if we were to look back at our life in the future. When we concluded that the answer was going to be ‘not really,’ there was no reason to hesitate anymore. We were sorry to the people who support us and help us, but we decided that it just not right for our own lives.”
– Junsu

Q. Still, that must have been a hard decision to make at the peak of the popularity.

“We were ready to accept that we might not be able to continue our career as singers. If we hadn’t been prepared for that, we would not have had the courage. We thoughtabout moving to the countryside and maybe living there, farming. And also we expected that this would be a long fight, possibly over a decade long.”– Junsu

“Yes. We all thought that this could the end of our entertainment career. There was no guarantee that everything would work out. I thought about selling the house in Seoul and moving to the countryside.” – Yuchun

Q.There are lots of obstacles to overcome, with your media appearances blocked and all.

“Didn’t it get a lot better compared to how it was in the beginning? It’s hard that the problems keep popping up, but we are learning to get over it. When something happens we just go offline and refrain from reading any articles. We try to see the good even in bad situations. If we make the worst out of the things, it becomes even harder for everyone around us. So recently we have been trying to tweet funny things and communicate with the fans on Twitter too.

Q. Are you keeping in touch with U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin who stayed at SM?

“We are very sad that we can’t stay in touch. We just left the management company but we have not left the members… I saw the teaser video for the album planned to be released in January. I hope for the best for them with all my heart.” -Jaejoong

Q. You three must be even closer now.

“We couldn’t spend time with each other for a while because we were busy with schedules. But last month after the concert, we traveled all around country. From Gangwondo to Busan, we travelled for about two weeks. We went on a yacht in Hoengseong and ate at famous restaurants around the country. Junsu is really popular there.” – Yuchun

Q. When did TVXQ shine the most?

“We hope there will be a day when we could shine even more, as five in the future. We want to keep the possibilities open. We don’t know when that would be yet though…”
– Yuchun

Q.Any special plans for Christmas?

“We don’t have girlfriends…I think it’ll just be three of us eating Makchang and drinking Soju” – Jaejoong

Reported by Lee Kyung Ran

Original Article: http://isplus.live.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=4813572&cloc


This interview deeply impressed fans as they expressed themselves very truthfully. 
Especially, fans could truly feel that their dicision to leave SM was indeed serious, right and must be respected because they wanted to live their own lives even if it meant that they had to risk whole career as singers.  

JYJ did not get ‘carried away because they succeeded in a very short time at a young age’, like Yunho said. They made the choice after careful consideration for over a year, risked everything they had achived.

Also the lawsuit was neither ‘an extreme choice’ nor ‘far out of reasons’
(said Yunho)
as there was no other way to be free themselves from the unfair contract and 
everyone has the right to take a legal action if their basic human rights are violated.
(for original source: click  -video- / link for ‘far out of reasons click)

We do not want to ask the two members to take the three members’s side, because they also made their own decisions and it must be difficult as they are still working at SM. But if Yunho & Changmin really respect their past of TVXQ Act 1 and fans, we hope that they and ‘SM family’ won’t disparage the decision of the three members once they considered as their own brothers.

‘Original video source’ seems to be blokced on YouTube, so we’ll try to find another one.

changed link on this blog for ‘far our of reasons’ in case the above is closed: click

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