Jaejoong Elle Teaser!! Killer J

Originally Posted on February 21, 2011 by dctvxqgall

Jeajoong’s exclusive photo shoot scheduled to be published on the March issue of Elle Korea (in bookstores on February 24, 2011)! The concept of the photo shoot is “Lyrical Day of a Killer.”(Finally there’s a photographer who appreciates Jaejoong’s tattoo!! God bless that man )

ELLE atTV is also planning to run a show! Here’s teaser video from Elle atTV

WordPress won’t let be embed the actual link. The original video can be found here

■ Genre : TV-DRAMA
■ Duration: 60 min
■ Introduction:
Elle’s signature project expressing one story in two different works, fashion photo shoots, and short film. <Movie Still> Featuring Won Bin, Lee Mi Yun, Kim Sun A and others on ELLE atTV
■ Episode information:
Perfect Day Lyrical Day of Killer J. A day of not-so-perfect men with a perfect ending. Fourth story of ‘Movie Still’ followed by Won Bin.

March 18, 2011 only on ELLE atTV

Mark your calendars, people!

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