JYJ “Exclusion from Oricon Chart in Japan is unfair”

Originally Posted on March 9, 2011 by dctvxqgall.

While the dissatisfaction of the JYJ fans continues to grow in response to the exclusion of JYJ’s album from the Oricon Chart, JYJ has made their position through their agent that this is ‘unfair treatment.’

On May 9, JYJ’s agent told Star News, “It is unreasonable that Avex would block JYJ’s activities in Japan and still exercise the rights to sell their albums to make profit.”

He also added, “we are sorry to see Japanese fans who are waiting for JYJ as much as Korean fans do repeatedly disappointed and hurt. There was no discussion whatsoever about the release of album related to JYJ. We hope that this could be rectified as soon as possible.”

Recently, Oricon Chart, a prestigious music sale records chart in Japan, announced that it has decided to “exclude JYJ’s DVD ‘Memories in 2010′ and album ‘THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME LIVE CD’ from the chart rankings.”

According to Oricon Chart, this decision was made because Avex, holder of rights to these two JYJ products, has canceled its contracts regarding the artists’ activities. [Translator’s Note: Unfortunately, if there hasn’t been any significant changes since last year, the contract between JYJ and AVEX has not terminated. AVEX, TVXQ’s management company in Japan, unilaterally announced last year that activities of JYJ has been suspended indefinitely.]

Oricon explained that Avex has been reviewing the release of these products were in review on premises that it shall not engage in promotion of sales or publicizing JYJ’s albums following their suspension of activities in Japan. After the review, Avex has decided to release the products for revitalization of the market. However, it has decided to exclude the products from sales ranking.

Avex announced last September that it will suspend all activities of JYJ, a unit composed of Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yuchun, and Xiah Junsu, in Japan.

At the time, Avex said, “while the three members of TVXQ is in dispute with SM Entertainment about issues regarding the exclusive contract, it seems likely that the contract that we have with JYJ itself is invalid. For this reason, we immediately suspend all supports for activities of the three in Japan.”

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