Official statements of Yunho and Changmin released on Nov. 1, 2009

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Having explained the 625 meeting in detail, now we would like to go over the official stance of the two members and the SM Entertainment. We hope this will help explain why so many fans have turned their backs on TVXQ Act. II in spite of the fact that we have kept our silence about the rumors in consideration of the two members in part, and also little bit of why this tiring fight between the fandom have exacerbated to the current situation.

On November 2, 2009, SM held a press conference in response to the court’s approval of the three members’ application of provisional injunction. At this conference, SM’s CEO, Kim Young Min, appeared to publicly denounce the three members’ lawsuit as the “ultimate public hoax,” and sent a ‘final notification’ to the members to come back to SME by November 12, 2009.
Also at this press conference, SM released statements signed by the two members as a supporting evidence of its claims that the main reason for the three members’ lawsuit is not the ‘slave contract,’ but the three members’ greed in pursuing the cosmetic business.  Below is the official statement SM Entertainment released at the press conference on November 2, 2009. (Notice that the statements are signed on November 1, 2009, and Yunho’s signature has been decorated with a star something that you would not expect from an official document.)


Before this press conference, the two members had never made a single statement about the lawsuit. On this document, the two members officially refuted all of three members’ claims about the unfair contract and basically sided with SME saying that there’s nothing more important to them other than keeping their loyalty and promise to their management company.

At that time, fans did not take this document seriously and literally believed that this was a fraud. We refused to accept that this statement expressed the genuine opinions of the two members. Why? Because fans have loathed SME’s management and its logic since the debut of TVXQ or even before. We had never even dreamed of a situation where the two members would share the same line of thoughts with SM and play along with its lies to shove the three members into a bottomless pit. Fans kept on telling themselves that it was SM who had planned all this, and the two members were not in a situation where they could freely express their opinions as they still were bound by the contract to SM.

At the time, there was a dispute between SM Entertainment and the three members regarding the Shenzhen concert. The three members alleged that SM had forged their signatures on the contract even though they were never even informed about the show. SM refuted (three members’ claims) by saying that although the signature was in fact made by someone else, there was nothing illegal about this since the three members had verbally agreed to participate. SM claimed that the the forger himself who confessed in writing about the signature forged the whole contract itself (relevant articles in Korean:, From this dispute, the fans thought they had reasonable doubt to believe that the signature on that official statement must be forged as well, pointing out the star next to Yunho’s signature as evidence. That theory sounds comical now, but fans were not delusional when they thought the two members must been forced to sign the document. It was our last hope in seeing the five members together again.

It took us more than a year to realize that what this document holds indeed is what the two members truly felt about the lawsuit and the three members. They have repeatedly expressed how they thought and felt not only through this official statement, but through their interviews, thanks to messages in the album, and their songs. We simply regret that we could not understand what was really in their heart any sooner. Nonetheless, it is not the fault of us, fans, that we desperately wished that this signed statement which looks no different from that of SME’s own could have been forged, that they would have not written those words and could have not shared the same beliefs with SME.

Some fans still hold the same faith. What other choice do Yunho and Changmin have but to follow what SM tell them to do? No. They always could have chosen another path. We are NOT saying that the two should have left SM just like the three had done. We are saying that they could at least have appealed to SME that they will not to participate in any acts that would damage the three members’ reputation. If you really think that the two members are not able to reflect at least that much of their opinions into their activities, wouldn’t you say that there is something seriously wrong in such a contractual relationship? If this contract is an equal partnership between the members and the management fair and square like the two members and SME insist it is, shouldn’t  two members at least be able to avoid being the pawns in SM’s game? How could they repeat the exact same things SM has said if they do not agree with it themselves?

The court has ruled that the cosmetic business is not related to this lawsuit. Undoubtedly, both SME and the two members must have known this before they made this argument in the court AND at the press conference. It would be an understatement to say that the fans felt betrayed at the fact that the two members actually engaged in the same dirty tricks of SM in bashing the three members as shameless scumbags.

Events around the time of TVXQ Act. II’s comeback has opened many Korean fans’ eyes about the two members and what SM is trying to do (the times we now call opening of the Hell Gate). We now realize that it is the two members, who no longer believe in the TVXQ [Act I], who have turned their backs first on the original TVXQ [Act I] fans.

For those of you who are still not convinced, we will bring you some of Yunho and Changmin’s quotes that convinced US that they have given up all hopes of TVXQ getting back together.

We didn’t want to let go of our last hope until the very end, but it seems like they are forcing us to choose a side. So we did. Now we won’t look back.

Let us doubt no more. They speak what is in their heart.

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    I read it again and again since a long time ago but still I get confused T_T

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