[Video with ENG Sub] Yunho and Changmin’s comment on the lawsuit on Knee Drop Guru (3/2/11)

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Do you know a Korean talk show called “Knee Drop Guru”? It’s a pretty famous talk show in Korea that has been on air for about 4 years. There are many celebrities who have made an appearance on this show. This show is different from other talk shows in the respect that it also invites social figures such as a professional traveler, alpinist, baseball commentator, computer vaccine developer, or violinist as a guest rather than just entertainers.

In no way can this show be compared to something like Oprah Winfrey show, but it used to receive many positive reviews for providing the viewers an opportunity to listen to the guest who’s not normally exposed to the mass media and get a sneak peak at his/her genuine side via his/her answers to somewhat sensitive (or even aggressive?) questions from the host. Korean people used to love the show because they could learn valuable wisdom and knowledege about life from the guests, who would rarely appear on television or in public.

But this show has been falling out of its own line. Was it the exhaustion of the materials and absence of proper guests to cast? A show that once was influential enough to sweep the headlines of every entertainment news and magazines just for being casted on the show slowly disintegrated into an outlet for someone’s sobbing stories without a trace of its sharpness from the past and the show became a sugarcoating factory that just nicely packages the guest’s past experiences, which usually brought on public criticism.

In that respect, the show hit the rock bottom with its TVXQ Act II episode. Many people still may think what the two have said on the show is true because of the show’s preconceived image, that it allows the guest to unravel their ‘honest stories about his/her life.’ Was that their intention in the first place? The two spoke for SM on the show that once approached the public with sincerity.

As the two have repeatedly stated, they are not the party directly involved in the lawsuit between SM and the three members of TVXQ, JYJ. There is no need for them to stand in the center of the issue, and they also do not have the right to explain or assert their opinions on this. By commenting on the issue more, it will just look like the two members are taking sides, and no matter which side it may seem like they ‘chose,’ only thing that can result from that is another controversy.

Yet, since the release of their statements on November 2, 2009, they spoke numerously on SME’s behalf about the lawsuit. They have repeated SM’s opinions in through their words in interviews, and their statements insisted that the cause of the lawsuit was ‘cosmetic business’ just like what SM has insisted on from the beginning. In addition to that, they made appearances on many variety shows like other Korean entertainers do and talked about different things after their comeback as TVXQ Act II. However, many fans were tensed up more than ever when the news that the two would appear on “Knee Drop Guru” came out, because “Knee Drop Guru”‘s motto was to ‘face the sensitive issues head on.’ Fans desperately wished that the two would not repeat the same words that had disappointed fans on the show.

So much for that.

The two unyieldingly spoke only on SM’s behalf and did not say a word of their own about the unfair contract although the court has acknowledged and ordered measures to rectify it. Despite their ‘opinions,’ it cannot be denied that many fans had sympathized with the five members in their situation with the unfair contract and struggled to make a better working environment for all five members as much as they could within their powers. It’s a shame that not only that the two turned down these efforts of fans but also took actions that inevitably ended up hurting the three members, who they had once considered to be like brothers.

Wouldn’t it have been more in line with “Knee Drop Guru”‘s original casting inclination to have invited someone in disadvantage, someone who has been completely excluded from all national (ground-wave) television and even cable television? Wasn’t it “Knee Drop Guru”‘s production intention to let someone who are normally NOT heard on television BE HEARD? Now the show has been reduced to repackage views of a large management company that monopolizes possibly all aspects of media, by wrapping up with its ‘neutrality’ and deceitful sensations.

In the short video clip below, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin from TVXQ, who previously had stated that the cause of the lawsuit was fully attributed to the ‘cosmetic business’ in their official statements signed on November 1, 2009, speak about the background of the three members’ lawsuit on national television yet again. Only this time, they have a different explanation for it. If you would like to read their statements, click here

In the full-length video of the show, the two members reveal TVXQ’s long and strenuous journey to the top of the music industry both in Korea and Japan right up to the part of the video. They were not lying. TVXQ, Act I to be precise, did not have it easy climbing up to the top to become one of the world’s best boybands. They explained it very well on the show.

But how could the two come up with the explanation that the three members’ lawsuit was so simple despite the fact that the three had risked their whole career that they had worked so hard to build up just like in the two members’ story? We would like to ask what’s really in their hearts, if they truly believe that the three filed the lawsuit because they simply got ‘carried away’ by the accomplishments they achieved in ‘an instant’? For those of you who don’t understand how hard it was for the three members to make the decision to file the lawsuit against SME, please read this article here.

Let’s ask ourselves. How could he not know as the leader of the team, that TVXQ’s own members were planning to take a legal action against the company? The three members filing a lawsuit against the company would literally mean the life and death of the team. Considering the gravity of the situation, if he hadn’t known in advance, it just proves his failure and incompetency as the leader to read what is going on in the team and keep the members consolidated. In a way, he may be blamed for being partly responsible for the breakup for neglecting his responsibilities as the team leader.

Even if we were to yield and take thousand steps back to allow the room to say that his insistence is actually true, then he should not have said a thing about the lawsuit. How could he know the reasons for the lawsuit if he hadn’t really known about it in the first place? Only explanation that he could give is just a mere speculation. Plus, if the two did not know a thing about the lawsuit, do they the right to bring up that issue in public? How did they expect the fans to understand that the ‘leader of TVXQ’ had no idea about the lawsuit? They talked about their fruits of labor and harvesting it. Please don’t forget that it was the fans’ love and support that led to the consumption of TVXQ goods, and this huge purchasing power was one of the driving forces that helped TVXQ to the top. As consumers and fans who had actively supported the lawsuit against SM’s unfair contract in order to revise the current contract in hopes of benefitting the two members as well, we cannot express our anger, disappointment, and feelings of betrayal enough for their denial of the our efforts in support of the lawsuit and dismissal of our support for TVXQ even before the lawsuit as something that could be easily ‘harvested.’


We do not intend to make you who read this post and watch the video to think or feel certain way about TVXQ’s five members. We were organized to fight the rumors and clear JYJ’s name and that stands unchanged. However, as fans of TVXQ Act I ourselves, DC TVXQ Gallery Anti-Rumor Tactics and Monitory Division just felt the need to deliver the trends and general sentiment among the Korean fans in TVXQ fandom regarding the current situation and the lawsuit to the international fans who feel clueless and confused about Korean fans’ reaction after TVXQ Act II’s comeback. The current changes of attitude in Korean fandom toward TVXQ Act 2 (Yunho & Changmin) are not just about whether who’s right or wrong. It’s about fans’ disappointment in their actions which never seemed to respect neither the fans nor the other three members of TVXQ and anger that they have sided with SME that most fans have been desperately fighting against because of its unfair contracts and interference to the three members’ entertainment activities.

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NOTE: The original YouTube link seems to be blocked, and we’ll try to find another one to add.

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