110120 JYJ’s message about Music Essay “Their Rooms”

JYJ’s greetings and short message about delayed release of their Music Essay published in the Korean newspapers on January 20, 2011.

Here’s the translation:

Dear. You

Hello everyone!

We always thank you for supporting us so that we can be always strong and truthful to our dream.

Our Music Essay is coming out soon and we put our true heart in it, for you.

This time we would like to apologize for the delay of our Music Essay release, but just wanted to tell you in our own writing.

We will do our best to show our passion, not disappointment in return for your loving support.


* JYJ Music Essay: Their Rooms (release date: 1/24) *

It contains:

– Exclusive pictures of JYJ you have never seen
– Secret stories of JYJ they never reveal before
– 6 New Songs composed by JYJ including ‘Unnamed song Part 1’
– 2011 Planner featuring JYJ

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