[ENG Trans] ‘Return of the King’ JYJ started World Tour Live with great success

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[Asia Today – Yeon Bae Moon in Bankonk(Thailand)]

While Spring was in the air on APR 3rd, temperature in Bangkok was more than 30 degrees in the middle of Summer. But for the tens of thousands of fans lining up at Impact Arena (30 minutes away from downtown), hot whether did not seem to be a matter at all.

They were waiting for JYJ (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu). JYJ held ‘JYJ World Tour Concert in Bangkok, Thailand’ as the final promotion of their worldwide album <The Beginning>, released on OCT 2010 and it was surely the Return of the King.

It was just compulsive – splendid stage setting, well-organized plot and the new songs.
It made the crowd just cannot take their eyes off the stage.
They performed ‘Mission’, ‘Nine’, ‘IDS’ and ‘No named Song Part 1’ from their Music Essay which became a best-selling book of the first half of 2011. Also they revealed the latest 4 new songs – ‘In Heaven’, ‘your’re’, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Boy’s Letter’. 

The concert was especially significant for JYJ as Jaejoong was Executive Director for the concert. Jaejoong organized the performances with the key concept: ‘Creative Challenge’. He directed stage setting, lighting, sound and other things. With the concert 2 weeks ahead, Jaejoong had arrived to Thailand to make everything checked carefully.  

The concert started with ‘Empty’ from their album <The beginning>, and JYJ performed ‘IDS’, ‘NINE’ and ‘Pierrot’ with eye-catching performances.
After singing songs from the Worldwide album including ‘Be My Girl’ and ‘Be The One’, They showed solo performances with each members’ own songs.

Yuchun sang ‘I Love You’ with 4 female dancers and fans went wild during his sexy performance. Fans responded to his every movement by big shout.

Junsu showed off his unique singing ability during the mournful ballad, ‘I Can Soar’.
As he made his fame as a musical actor in ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Mozart!’, his song was enough to give fans the touching moment just like a musical piece. 

Jaejoong also performed his solo song ‘Still in Love’. Also ‘No named song part 1’ was performed for the first time ever, right after Jaejoong’s solo stage. Yuchun’s pouring rap for 8 minutes brought enthusiastic applause. Maybe because the song contains their own story, there was full of sincerity in their voices and their face expressed comfort and how precious the stage was after singing what they really wanted to say.   

Thousands of audience all rose to their feet while they were singing ‘Found You’ from SKK Scandal. Although the song was in Korean, the fans sang along the whole song with JYJ together.

Fans did not move and kept calling JYJ’s name after the last song ‘Your’re’, and JYJ came back to the stage for encore. They performed songs including ‘Get Out’ and ‘In Heaven’ and finalized 2-hour-long concert as the successful first step of the World Tour.

Almost 11,000 fans gathered from Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and all of Asia. Total 22,000 fans watched JYJ’s concert as the second day of the concert was also sold out.

“I’m a big fan of JYJ and I have also visited not only Thailand, but Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia where JYJ held their concerts.”
said Asako Saito from Tokyo, Japan.(33-year old female)

Also Jae Won Lee(39-year-old female) from Korea said:
“It’s sad that there are small chances to see JYJ in Korea, but it’s more pleasant to see their performance abroad. The concert was so great that made me speechless. Their live was great and I hope we can see the concert in Korea too.”

“I enjoy listening to K-Pop because of Korean Dramas, and it was really hard to get the tickets for this concert. I enjoyed the concert even more becauseJaejoong directed it.” explained Kkanchanaon from Bangkok. (28-year-old male)

Over thirty reporters from Korea, three hundreds reporters from Thailand and forty reporters from Japan, Philippines, China and Hong Kong competed to cover the concert.

“Other Korean singers have held concerts in Thailand, but this is the first time I saw this many foreign reporters gathered here. I realized that JYJ is really popular here.”
said a staff of the concert.

JYJ World Tour is the final destination of promotion for their worldwide album.
JYJ started their promotion with showcases and held concerts in Seoul for two days, which attracted 70,000 fans in NOV 2010. Also they released Music Essay and it became the best-seller for the first half of 2011.

JYJ will hold World Tour in 5 countries in Asia –Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore- and 8 cities in the U.S.A., including New York, Las Vegas and LA. They will finish their big run for the tour in Busan, Korea from JUN 11 for 2 days.

[Translator’s note: Asia Tour will be held in Taipei, Beijing and Seoul based on the announcement from C-jeS on Apr 1, 2011.]

Original Source: http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/news/view.asp?seq=466760


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