What? JaeJoong wants a bathtub kiss?!?!?

Originally Posted on February 10, 2011 by dctvxqgall

[MBN Entertainment Magazine VIP] JYJ talks about their preference in different types of kisses

▶ JYJ talks about their preference in different types of kisses
▶ Is the face, or the body? Complete analysis of JYJ’s ideal type

We met JYJ, starting new activities as a trio from DBSK, at VIP Star Interview this week. When we asked them about what kind of kiss they want to get in regards to  the hottest topic, the ‘foam kiss,’ they all showed their characters by answering differently, saying ‘candy kiss, bathtub kiss, ppo-ppo [peck on the lips] than a kiss!’

Among the three, Kim Jae Joong who shared that he wanted a ‘bathtub kiss,’ wanted to elaborate commenting “after I get married, I want to get in a bubble bath with my wife…” but was cut short when Junsu cut in saying “we should keep it rated G.”[what?!?!?!?!?  BAD JUNSU!!! BAD JUNSU!!]

▶ Kim Jae Joong, his reasons for showing up at clubs in Gangnam late at night?

When asked about mysterious incidents that happened to them, Kim Jae Joong, who seemed dumbfounded, answered, “I was seen at nightclubs at Gangnam hooking up with girls,” “fans gave me direct reports.”  In regards to this, Yuchun added, “but then when I check, he’s always home,” adding to the mystery.

He [Jae Joong] also added a message to the fans worrying that “I heard fans go to nightclubs on purpose just to get hooked up with me.”

▶ Is it the face or the body? Complete analysis!

We asked the question ‘who is most likely to get married first?” and all anwered Kim Junsu. And to the question who needed to get marrried fast, they answered Kim Jae Joong…

He explained that it was because of his father who suprised him by saying “there’s no girl? Then bring me a grandchild for now~[really, father?? 0_0] And when asked about their ideal types, Junsu droppped a bomb shell when they were having a serious discussion over ‘which comes first, the face or the body’

From ‘a girl like a housemaid’ to ‘a girl my parents would like,’ their extra special ideal types willl be all revealed on the show. Also, their deepest thoughts that they could not share and stories of warm friendship between the members will be told by the members!

MBN Entertainment Magazine VIP will be aired Feb. 11, 2011 Friday, on 12:30 PM.

※ Re-runs – 2/12 (Sat.) 7:30 AM / 6:30 PM
2/13 (Sun) 12:30 AM/ 9:30 PM

Original Article : http://mbn.mk.co.kr/pages/news/newsView.php?category=mbn00007&news_seq_no=1033847

Bathtub Kiss?????

How does that go? JJ, will you teach me?

Who’s making a visit to Body Shop this week for a bubble bath? XD

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