Summary of the Court Hearing between JYJ and SM on Mar 15, 2011

You surely know that the lawsuit between the three members of TVXQ
(JYJ-Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu-) and SM is currently being processed.
The lastest hearing was on Mar 15, 2011, so we would like to share the key facts and analysis about the hearing in English with you.

Also there will be the next hearing tomorrow (Apr 19, 2011) in the court,
so this will help you to understand many things before you read anything about the next hearing because there is very limited information about JYJ’s lawsuit against SM for international fans.

The original post was written by DC TVXQ Gallery’s ATM Division in Korean,
and we translated it with original author’s permission.

Updated on Apr 18: The Court Hearing between JYJ and SM which was due to be on
APR 19 has been delayed. Other details have not been confirmed yet. (TBA)

Update on Apr 28: Please note that the image has been modified.

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2 Responses to Summary of the Court Hearing between JYJ and SM on Mar 15, 2011

  1. Lisa says:

    This repeatedly asks what SM invested when the members paid for everything themselves. I have always had that question about SM’s supposed costs in raising up trainees. I remember Jaejoong talking about how he couldn’t pay his rent because he had to pay for his voice lessons as a trainee. He had to pay his own rent and his lessons. So what did SM invest in its trainees?

    Thank you for this explanation. It makes my blood boil to read it, but it is good to know the facts.s

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