JYJ Fans place a protest AD in the newspaper, satirizing interferences in JYJ’s activities on TV

JYJ Fans place a protest AD in the newspaper, satirizing interferences
in JYJ’s activities on TV

(Seoul=Yonhap News) Report by Goeun YUN

Fans of JYJ (Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu) from TVXQ placed a full-page advertisement in free newspaper [Metro], titled ‘Who wants to sing on TV? You?’. It satirizes the reality that JYJ has been excluded from broadcast media including music/entertainment programs. The publication of the advertisement was mainly led by DNBN(TVXQ’s fan-site) and it is in the form of advertisement for a hypothetical book named ‘101 Ways to Drive JYJ Out of  Media’.

Staff from DNBN commented that “JYJ has been excluded from almost every entertainment program on broadcast media. As fans supporting JYJ, we’ll keep informing the public about current unfair situation and calling for remedy.”

JYJ is currently in the dispute with SM Entertainment, former management company, over their exclusive contract. Because of this, they have not been able to appear on TV except on news programs and dramas produced by subcontracting. Broadcasting companies say “We regulate appearances of artists who have controversial issues.” 

“We are planning to print more advertisements (more than twice) regarding the protest and criticism for the reality that JYJ is hindered in their free activities. We raised 20,000,000 KRW of funds to do this during two-weeks period in March.” said DNBN.

Original link: http://app.yonhapnews.co.kr/YNA/Basic/article/new_search/YIBW_showSearchArticle.aspx?searchpart=article&searchtext=jyj&contents_id=AKR20110427194500005

<Advertisement Image in Korean> 


Text Translated to English: text from the top

*This advertisement is a virtual advertisement based on an actual case.*

Sing on TV?

A guide of the management company, by the management company, and for the management company!
Hot issue just among themselves! Moon Son Yeon* and Lee Don Man** duo’s

For celebrities who have forgotten their position as the inferior
Perfect way to block their media appearance

Chapter 1 – Public TV networks are on our side, unite under associations.
Chapter 2 – Impose pressure from multiple angles in a collective action
Chapter 3 – Do not be afraid to send out official documents
and many more!
Know-hows proven effective in real-life all included!

<Special Appendix>
Ironclad defense against activities of JYJ who has the court’s favor
‘Exclusive look at the most talked-about official document’

<Epic Bestseller – The real story about JYJ hidden from all media>
Their debut album sold over 300,000 copies!
World Showcase Tour in 6 different countries, 10 locations in total!
70,000 fans gathered at Seoul Jamsil Olymic Stadium concert
And now, World Concert Tour in 5 different countries, 8 cities

JYJ’s new leap forward that can’t be stopped even in 101 ways!

* pun on Munsanyeon, or KFPCAI
**Pun on Lee Soo Man + Don(money)

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