[ENG TRANS] Collection of the news: Yuchun’s current cancellation of TV programs at MBC/KBS.

[ENG TRANS] Collection of the news on 03 MAY 2011
: Yuchun’s current cancellation of TV programs at MBC/KBS.

[Article 1] Yuchun and Drama Ripley Cast’s MBC ‘Come to Play’ fell through, WHY?
Original Link: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2011050308190966132&type=1&outlink=1

As the appearance of main cast of MBC’s new drama RIPLEY on ‘Come To Play’ has been cancelled, the interest in the reason behind the cancellation is growing rapidly. According to many drama officials on MAY 3rd, the main cast of RIPLEY including Seung Woo KIM,
Hye Jung KANG, Da Hae LEE and Yuchun PARK sounded out appearance for ‘Come To Play’ since the middle of APR, before the premiere of the show on May 30th.

Even Seung Woo KANG who had been uncertain as he had recording of another program on schedule had managed to take part in ‘Come to Play’[Note: He’s the main MC of ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’ of KBS], but during the discussion, the cast were asked if it would be possible to have the three actors appear on the show, excluding Yuchun.
Eventually, the whole cast cancelled their appearance at ‘Come to Play’. 

Yuchun Park, a member of JYJ from TVXQ has drew a lot of attention for getting the leading role on RIPLEY after SKK Scandal. Although he has appeared in dramas in a row, he has had difficulties in appearing on entertainment programs of the three national broadcasters including MBC since the dispute with the management company[SM]. When he was played the leading role in SKK Scandal, it was also difficult to see him on KBS entertainment programs.

Regarding this, it has been speculated that there might have been external coercion from SM, the former management company. But even in the same broadcasting company, entertainment department and drama department differ in their stances. Other broadcast staff harshly criticized that “it is unreasonable that a broadcast company walks on eggshells around management company, even for the promotion of its own drama.”

The staff of ‘Come to Play’ explained “It was because we had so many scheduled recordings to be aired that it was difficult to schedule the show before [RIPLEY’s] premiere, so we couldn’t proceed with the recording.”

[Article 2] Is Yuchun of Ripley ‘blacklisted’ by MBC Entertainment?
Original Link: http://www.nocutnews.co.kr/show.asp?idx=1792340

(Quote in Part)

Also MBC entertainment news program ‘Section TV’ cancelled its report for the poster shooting interview of Ripley. Only ‘Entertainment Plus’ from MBC’s ‘Good Day’ conducted this interview. ‘Good Day’ is categorized as a cultural program.

It is customary that entertainment news programs conduct interviews for promotion when drama producted by their own broadcastimg company shoots a poster.
Besides, the fact that ‘Section TV’ originally had planned the interview in advance, but suddenly cancelled afterwards only added more suspicion.

Regarding this cancellation, ‘Section TV’ was unforthcoming, saying that they have exceedingly many items to be aired on that day.
However, the word that there must have been SM Entertainment’s external pressure involved is out in the open at entertainment department of MBC.
A PD (who asked not to be named) from the entertainment department sigh,
“Don’t ask something that you alreadt know. We are in the ones walking on eggshells here.”

[Article 3] Yuchun Park’s Cancellation of ‘Come to Play’
– Drama OK, but no Entertainment program?
Original Link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201105031030521001

(Quote in Part)

 A broadcaster official said “He wouldn’t mind too much because it’s not once or twice that these kinds of things have happened. The production crew must have heard something.
After all, even if it’s for the promotion of the drama, it still is an appearance on an entertainment program.”

(Hey, Mr. Omniscient, how do you know how Yuchun feels?)

Meanwhile, the staff of ‘Come to Play’ spoke on the phone with Newen,
“It is true that there was discussion about appearance of Ripley’s main cast,
but it was cancelled because there was better plan. There are no other reasons.”

[Article 4.] Yuchun was cancelled ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’ too, before ‘Come to Play’
Original Link: http://www.todaykorea.co.kr/news/contents.php?idxno=142420

The controversy is brewing as it is revealed that Yuchun’s appearance on Kim Seung Woo’s “Win Win” also has been canceled, on top of the cancellation of appearance of MBC. new drama <RIPELY>’s main cast including Yuchun on ‘Come to Play’. 

According to our report covered, Yuchun Park was supposed to appear on ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu – Gap Su Kim EP’ which was aired on APR 12th, but was told that he could not appear on the show by the production crew, just 1 day before its recording.

After being invited as ‘surprising guest’ of Gap Su Kim, Yuchun showed enthusiasm,
even rescheduling his shooting schedule for RIPELY, but it was cancelled due to the refusal of the production crew.

As similar accounts are revealed one after another, suspicions regarding external pressure hanging over SM Entertainment in broadcast circles. The members of JYJ including Yuchun have not been able to appear on entertainment programs of national TV since their lawsuit against SM over its unfair contract.

Not long ago, they appeared on a real documentary program of cable TV [Q-TV],
but the programming was cancelled without reasons and made fans’ confused.

Because of this, suspicions and speculations have been spread whether it’s a big management company’s external pressure involved or broadcasters’ self-elimination.

Meanwhile, the production crew of ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’ explained that “We casted Doo Joon Yun and Kwon Jo who had more to tell about KIm Gap Su as ‘middle-aged Idol’ instead. Yuchun’s cancellation was unavoidable because we expected Yuchun to get too much air time.

(You could’ve just cut off the over-time part if you really think it had been a problem.
Your program is not LIVE Show! Or You could have cast the others in the first place if you really had cared his ‘time’. What an excuse.)

[Article 5.] Yuchun was cancelled just one day before the recording of ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’
– suspicions amplified
Original Link: http://news.hankooki.com/ArticleView/ArticleViewSH.php?url=entv/201105/sp2011050318235796010.htm&cd=2204&ver=v002

(Quote in Part)

But KBS unilaterally notified[Yuchun] that it would not be possible for him to appear on the program just 1 day before the recording. The MCs including Seung Woo Kim who is acting with Yuchun in the same drama [RIPELY] and guest Gap Su Kim were told about this in the morning on the day of recording.

“I was in confusion because it was not the decision of the production crew.
But I do not know the reason.” A KBS official said. He/She was very unforthcoming.


 “I think someone is trying to interfere with JYJ’s entertainment activities,”
said MBC staff said cautiously.

A PD from MBC’s entertainment department, who asked to remain anonymous also said,
“it is frustrating that a program would refuse to promote its own broadcasting company’s drama.”


+) Abour the cancellation of ‘Come to Play’, MBC keeps changing their words about this.

1: “There are no other reasons. We just had better projects.”

2: “In the case of ‘Ripley,’ the show has to be aired before the premiere of the show, but we had so many recordings already that it was difficult to deal with the schedule.”
Original Link: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=04&c1=04&c2=04&c3=00&nkey=201105031742043&mode=sub_view

3. “Yuchun was too busy to take part in recording because of his World Tour Concerts.”
Original Link: http://www.hankyung.com/news/app/newsview.php?aid=2011050309577

 4. C-jeS said “We did not hear anything about the date of recording”
Original Link: http://mystar.mdtoday.co.kr/mystar/index.html?no=513111

5. …said, “he wouldn’t mind too much because this is not the first time that these kinds of things have happened.”

6. …with a sigh, “don’t ask what you already know. We are walking on eggshells here.” 

****Pssssst!! Hey!! People sitting on the high chairs of MBC’s entertainment department****

MBC, if you are making up excuses because you are scared of what asSM might do to you when you allow a young 26-year-old starting actor to appear on your shows, try to get all of your people to tell the same story next time.

If you can’t do that, just shut them up.
That would minimize all the d**m things MBC has to go clean after. Got that? ;D

Also it is also a open secret in public: MBC is notorious as ‘SM BC’, a royal servant of asSM. Good Match!

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    arg i really hope the best for yoochun ):

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