[ENG TRANS] JYJ wraps up the Asia Tour successfully ‘Now it’s the North American continent!’

(SEOUL=Newswire) May 9, 2011 — JYJ (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu), who has started a two-month long World Tour, presented an impressive and delightful show to the fans who had filled up the venue at their Beijing concert in China, on May 7, 2011.

‘JYJ World Tour 2011,’ which begun in Thailand in last April, made its way through Taiwan, and finally made it to China. The tour showed JYJ’s talents in live performance with an enthusiastic welcome from 10,000 fans who filled up the Capital Indoor Stadium. This Asia tour has proved to be a total sellout attracting 43, 000 fans in four shows. At the tour, JYJ presented the audience a perfect stage, performing songs from their worldwide album ‘The Beginning,’ which had drawn much attention by working in collaboration with Kanye West and Roney Jerkins, and also JYJ’s own songs.

JYJ has successfully achieved both their goals after their final show of the Asia Tour in Beijing of proving their strength as Asia Stars and successful debut of Kim Jaejoong as the stage director. Kim Jaejoong has announced the show’s overall theme as ‘Creative Challenge’ before the start of the tour, and expressed his enthusiasm in creating a quality performance using his experience on the stage as an artist. He has shown his outstanding skills in directing through the last 4 shows of the tour presenting the fans with a well-organized and styled performance that not only brings out JYJ’s unique music style, but also communicates with the audience. Also, JYJ hit the headlines in media, spotlighting their popularity in all all the countries they visited.

JYJ who has wrapped up the Asia Tour with a huge success commented, “this world tour was a new challenge for JYJ, and this stage was an expression of the stories we wanted to tell. We were very happy that we were able to show diverse music to the Asian fans who we have not seen in an official concert in a long time, and we thank the loyal fans who have sent us an unchanged, warm welcome.”

Meanwhile, JYJ will be going to LA next week to kick off the North America Tour. North American Tour will stop in four cities, starting in Vancouver, Canada on May 20, and stopping in New Jersey on May 22, Los Angeles on May 27, and San Jose on June 2.

Source: JYJ


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Translated by: Mission4JYJ

Source: http://www.newswire.co.kr/newsRead.php?no=543779

*Note: this article is a press release distributed by a press agency, News Wire. Thus, the original source is JYJ, but we took this article from News Wire for translation.

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