[ENG TRANS] Kim Jaejoong “I dream about a show using electronic display on Namsan Tower”

[Jaejoong] directs Son Yeon-Jae’s gala show after ‘JYJ World Tour’

(Seoul=Yonhap News) Lee Eun Jung = “I dream about doing a show with a huge electronic display on Namsan Tower. The artist will perform under Namsan Tower and any one in Seoul can see it on the electronic display wherever they are. It’s fun just thinking about it.”

Kim Jaejoong (25) from the group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu) pumped out ideas just from one simple question, “is directing a show fun?”

We met Kim Jaejoong, who has fell in love with show direction, at a cafe in Shinsa-dong.

“I want to do a show where the stage and the set is made of LED and lights. I also want to try a performance where we walk on the ceiling of a venue. It’s stressful work, but there are so many ideas that could go on the stage.”

Following his role as the executive director for ‘JYJ World Tour Concert 2011’ Kim Jaejoong is also in charge of directing ‘fairy rhythmic gymnast’ Son Yeon-Jae’s first gala show scheduled on June 11-12 at Hwa Jung Gymnasium of Korea University.

In both shows, he is spearheading not only the stage direction but also music, choreography, and costumes. That’s why he’s called “Director Kim” among JYJ members and staff.

Recently JYJ has finished a tour in Asia, stopping in Thailand, Taiwan, and China. They also have a North American Tour coming up, starting on May 20 in Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, moving on to Prudential Center in New Jersey on 22nd, Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on 27th, and Event Center in San Jose State University on June 3rd.

He commented, “I’m learning a lot with every stage I direct from the changes in the direction and production springing from different characteristics from countries to countries and local regulations for performances. It’s fun to see myself improve [make less mistakes,]and it all pays off when I get on the stage I directed with the members.”

He added, “When I direct, I think that ‘if I do it like this for this song, fans would enjoy it more,’ and when such thoughts make a hit, it really feels great. It seems that the members are satisfied with production and movements planned out with the artists in mind as well.”

Kim Jaejoong’s experiences on countless performances on the stage in Korea, Japan and many other countries from TVXQ era become a great asset to his directing work.

“I heard that Cho Yong-Pil used a moving stage on his latest show. We have also been on a stage where the stage break off and unite like transformers in Japan. It will be costly, but I want to try out the things that we’ve done or seen in Japan.”

Kim Jaejoong has proven his directing skills from the JYJ World Tour and is in the middle of directing Son Yeon-Jae’s first gala show right now. This is a new challenge for him for this project is his first time directing for someone else, and also not a performance of a singer. He is studying hard about this new field and preparing meticulously.

“I’m studying from watching videos of Russian rhythmic gymnasts. First thing I did was to arranging and editing the music to 2minutes and 30 seconds so that it can maximize the precise movement of the body. I talked to the choreographers about the music and costume styles that go with the choreography at the meeting today, and I’m satisfied with the results.”

He emphasized, “Props for rhythmic gymnastics is simple, but since this is a gala show, we are going to focus on Son Yeon-Jae’s transformation incorporating modern dance movements including Jazz dance, etc. The point is to highlight her forte and listen to what she wants to do.”

Kim Jaejoong says that through the process of drawing out the sketch which becomes the basic framework for the show and adding to it, his imagination keeps on popping out new ideas for the show.

“This is something that I really want to do sometime in the future. I want to do a show with a setlist of about 30 songs on a stage made completely from LED using lights to the fullest  in a medium-sized venue of about 2000 seats. We will create a fantastical space for the audience with a three-dimensional and vivid stage. When I get a little older, I also want to try an acoustic live show on a small stage as well.”

Jaejoong is interested in creative works, and compose, write, and arranges music that JYJ puts on the stage as well. JYJ’s new songs ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’ revealed for the first time in the JYJ World Tour is also work of Jaejoong.

“I’ve been writing music constantly since debut, and I think it’s paying off. I like playing instruments and taught myself how to play piano. I recently wrote a good song and can’t wait for my fans to hear it.”

However, it’s disappointing that promoting their new songs has proven to be a challenge after stepping out of SM Entertainment, former management company. The broadcasting companies have been limiting JYJ’s appearances on the television under the excuse that JYJ is in a legal dispute with SM, and music distributors have also opposed to working with JYJ. Due to these circumstances, JYJ have been promoting their new songs through their shows.

“I was sad about the situation before, but now I just decided to put up with it. I have number of cellphones, and the wallpaper for one of those cellphone is still a picture with all five members of TVXQ together. I don’t want to live as if I don’t remember those memories.”

He showed us his smile saying, “Junsu has established himself as a musical actor and Yuchun as an actor. Right now I am pleased with the fact that I can go for a challenge under the name Kim Jaejoong by myself. The work of directing, which I can make someone shine, is fascinating. As long as I have the opportunities I’ll do my best within the scope of my capabilities.”


Translated by: Mission4JYJ

Original article: http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/culture/2011/05/14/0901000000AKR20110514065100005.HTML?template=2063

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