The Chronicles of HoTels Series Part 1 – The Starting Point of HoTel’s Activities

Thanks to the HoTels who have gave all their strength in spreading made-up stories about 625 meeting and going so far as extending their territories overseas to international fandom, JYJ’s reputation have been extensively damaged domestically AND internationally.  If you have read the full transcript of the meeting and analysis, you will soon find out that the nature of 625 meeting are completely different from what the HoTels have been saying.

But is fabrication and manipulation of 625 meeting the only thing that the HoTels did?

Why, how, and on what grounds did HoTels intentionally fabricate the 625 meeting, and is this something that a mere fan can accomplish with pure intentions?

Let’s take a closer look at the basis of rumors that HoTels worship.

Original article has been written by DC TVXQ Gallery’s Anti-Rumor Team in Korean. This will be a series of articles, and translation of part II will also be updated!!

Translated and shared by: Mission4JYJ

Original article: DC TVXQ Gallery’s Anti-Rumor Team

** You are free to move the image/post, but please give us credit if you can 😀

**Adding the screen cap embedded in the above image.  Translations are already included in the image, but just in case you wanted to take a closer look!

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6 Responses to The Chronicles of HoTels Series Part 1 – The Starting Point of HoTel’s Activities

  1. DayBreak says:

    You work so hard for the boys…I hope eventually we will find out the master of this game.

  2. JunsuJunsuJunsu says:

    i just want to say THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for all the posts, they mean a lot to me (and i believe to most fans,too :))

  3. anan says:

    @Mission4JYJ : thank you for continuing to work so hard gathering & translating info about JYJ and what’s happened within the Korean fandom last year.

    question: what specifically aroused suspicions abou the the online chat btw the admin of XiahPicnic & Onlyone-Uknow

  4. Mission4JYJ says:

    that’s going to be explained in the articles that follows… so please look out for more updates 😀

  5. Alice says:

    Oh My God where is Part 2?? I really really want to read it!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This blog is very informative, thank you!

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