KBS “JYJ cannot appear on Music Bank, because they hinder development and order of cultural industry.”

KBS “JYJ cannot appear on Music Bank, because they hinder development and order of cultural industry.” 

[NewN Won JEON Report]

KBS, the public broadcasting company, responded officially about JYJ’s appearances on TV. The official statement was posted on KBS’s online production crew message board [on their official website] as a response to the ‘requests asking for the reason why JYJ cannot appear on their TV programs.

 “JYJ have been in the process of lawsuit with their former management company[SM], so KBS is closely monitoring the result of the lawsuit from an objective standpoint. It could influence on the current situation if celebrities under lawsuit who is in the legal disputes appear on TV. Therefore, it is common to refrain the celebrities’ appearances on TV and wait for the results of the lawsuit.” said KBS Entertainment department.

 KBS stated the reason of dual contract: “JYJ filed the provisional injunction to terminate the validity of exclusive contract against their former management, and we understand that they are only allowed to do individual activities temporarily until the main lawsuit is ruled. However, JYJ are continuing their album promotions, after signing a contract with their current management[C-JeS], under dual contracts.”

 “Due to these issues, KBS has decided that, JYJ’s broadcast appearances may cause legal problems and risk of threats to the cultural industry.Therefore we will restraint JYJ from TV appearances until the main lawsuit between JYJ and SM is finished by the court’s ruling, judgement or agreement. We would proceed with proper steps to cast them depending on the result of lawsuit.” said KBS. With this, KBS perfectly explained about groundless rumors about external pressure.

 This official response from KBS entertainment department announced after Eun Young Ahn raised an objection on KBS’s board of viewers. She insisted that “I wonder why JYJ cannot appear on TV and why their albums are excluded from K-Chart[of Music Bank]. The main lawsuit with SM has not finished, but the Seoul Central District Court already ruled that SM cannot control the duration of exclusive contract and cannot have authorities JYJ’s entertainment activities. I believe there is no problem about their entertainment activities.” said Eun Young Ahn.

And she pointed out that “Also I wonder why JYJ are rejected to appear music program while they appeared on other programs of KBS during the lawsuit. I would like to ask the production crew to answer officially, the reason that why they exclude JYJ’s appearances and album from K-Chart.”

Original link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201105181625481001


All translations by Mission4JYJ

**Please refer this link for the Court’s decision => https://mission4jyj.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/take-that-sm/

This is ruling from Seoul Central District Court, to dismiss an objection against JYJ’s provisional injunction, and SM’s injunction to terminate their management contract with C-JeS Entertainment. This clearly proves that JYJ never made dual-contract.

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4 Responses to KBS “JYJ cannot appear on Music Bank, because they hinder development and order of cultural industry.”

  1. Hayati Niennie Sahari says:

    Eun Young Ahn sshi thanks for daringly asking that question.

    as far as i am concerned all those reasons are mere excuses. anyways uri JYJ can still survive and thrive excellently because they have us. Mjjeje Micky Junsu stay strong!

    Hmmmm…“JYJ cannot appear on Music Bank, because they hinder development and order of cultural industry” what ever that means????

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  4. Halys says:

    KBS is disgusting…
    I think that SM is one of his stakeholder, moreover it means that SM has really powerful contact with important people….this is the only reason why JYJ can’t appear on KBS, KBS’s profit!!!

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