Summary of “JYJ-KBS incident”

Summary of “JYJ-KBS incident”

[The below facts are presented in chronological order.]

1. On February 18, 2011, the court issued a judgment that ends JYJ’s dual-contract controversy. The judgment indicated that the subordinate contract between SM and JYJ had been invalidated by the previous ruling on the provisional injunction[on OCT 27, 2009], and thus SM cannot get involved in JYJ’s contract with C-JeS, which is not of an exclusive contract with subordinating nature.

2. On February 25, 2011, a viewer asked why JYJ still is not appearing on KBS programs despite the ruling from the court on KBS’s audience service’s inquiry board on its website.

3. Since then, there were many theories proposed as to why JYJ has not appeared on television, followed by heated controversy. However, for the first time, entertainment department directly expressed its stance on May 18, 2011, and the post seemed to be speaking on KBS’s behalf.

4. KBS’s official statement “The reason JYJ cannot appear on ‘Music Bank,’obstruction of order in Culture industry” (To read the full text translated, Click  )

– The essentials of the statement were: 1) JYJ is in a legal dispute with its former management company, 2) there seems to be a dual-contract problem, 3) under the current circumstances, JYJ’s appearance on television will obstruct the order of the culture industry.

5. In regards to this statement, JYJ strongly refuted.

– “Dual-contract?” JYJ strongly refutes KBS’s response to a viewer that ignored the court’s decision. (To read the full text translated: Click )

– C-JeS refuted that the subordinate contract with the former management company already has been invalidated by the court, and the court also judged that there is no dual-contract. Also, it expressed its disapproval of KBS’s expression! of JYJ as an artist who aroused criticism, despite the fact that JYJ have been in this lonely fight against entertainment giants to protect rights of artists.

6. The public were further enraged by the inappropriateness of KBS’s reasons that clearly damaged JYJ’s name and proved that KBS has forgotten its position as the public broadcasting company. KBS started making excuses as the controversy became more fierce and the public, along with JYJ fans, joined in the criticism.

(News critisizing KBS)

– [NEWS] KBS Entertainment Department “The post regarding JYJ was our stance in February…there is no restriction on appearance”

=> This is a total lie because according to the fan who asked the original question, she inquired about JYJ’s appearance AFTER the court’s judgment. KBS insists that the response was their stance BEFORE the court’s decision. A little contradiction here?

– [NEWS] KBS officially confirms JYJ on the blacklist

– [NEWS] JYJ’s appearance controversy and KBS who dug its own grave after deleting the problematic statement

7. When the controversy failed to calm down even after the damage control by the head of the entertainment department, KBS announced a second official statement.

“In the case of drama OST, the artist cannot be eligible for appearing on Music Bank. The artists need to officially release a new song. JYJ could not appear Music Bank becasue they have not released new album since FEB, so JYJ will be able to appear Music Bank when there’s a new release” said KBS.

In spite of overflowing number of contradicting examples, such as other artists on Music Bank with songs from drama OSTs and a song released more than 10 years ago making it into the charts, KBS officially stated that JYJ needs to make a new release to be able to appear on Music Bank.

8. Regarding this statement, C-JeS responded with a sense of deep gratitude.

– JYJ’s official statement “The artist is in the inferior position, but we will overcome the external pressure and wish to appear on KBS” (To read the full text translated: Click )

 – C-JeS officially stated that JYJ will release a new album overcoming all the obstacles in their way for the fans and would like to appear on Music Bank.

– Junsu also expressed his feelings on his Tweeter, saying “I saw many news about us when I got up in the morning. But cheer up together just a little bit more ^^ OK?
Don’t get too upset. One day our true hearts will be rewarded^^ As long as we don’t give up our hopes together, we’re just happy with it. Always Thank you!”  

9. KBS made number of statements that does not hold together and received even more criticism for it from the viewers, but through this incident, KBS also suggested that there is no restriction on JYJ’s appearance and there is a possibility for JYJ to appear on Music Bank with a new release. JYJ virtually won an official chance to appear on a national music program with a new album from this controversy.

Thanks to swift and definite action by JYJ and C-JeS Entertainment responding to KBS’s official statement, the controversy seems to be calmed down, at least for now. Still the deep-seated source of the problem remains. Will KBS keep their promise?
If it did, would making one appearance on ‘Music Bank’ be enough open new doors for JYJ on national television or to put an end to the collusion against JYJ in the Korean entertainment industry?

If KBS does not keep this promise when JYJ release the next album, it will surely be the another clear proof that there IS external pressure from someone who must not be named, called ‘former management’.

In regards to the KBS”s official statement, international fans have also initiated a movement to call the Korean government for intervention in this injustice inflicted on JYJ. International fans, also the direct consumers of the hallyu wave, have expressed their deep concern about the harmful effects of collusion of Korean entertainment industry to the customers, the hallyu wave, and ultimately Korea’s own long-term cultural development.

=> You can find full Korean/English version of the statement here:

KBS shall deeply ponder on what is obstructing the order and impeding the development of the Korean culture industry. The whole world will be watching you.

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