Respect JYJ Campaign – Part I. Significance of the Exposure of Scanned Images of JYJ’s Passports Online

Respect JYJ Campaign

Part I.

Distributor of the scanned images of JYJ’s passports must be strictly punished.

Part II.

What is ‘Sasaeng’? Everything you need to know about ‘Sasaengs’ fully exposed!

Part III.

What do JYJ say? – the torment JYJ had to endure

Part IV.


This is the part I of series of articles Mission4JYJ wrote in Korean in response to the passport incident that happened recently. People who disrespect and violate JYJ’s rights to privacy have always been a serious problem in the Korean fandom for a long time.

Now that JYJ have been reaching out to other Asian countries and even the North American continent so that JYJ fans share an extensive network of information on twitter, it seems that this problem is not only confided to Korean fandom but has become an issue that must be addressed by JYJ fans worldwide.

So we bring this series of articles to you, in hopes to raise awareness on the importance of respecting and protecting JYJ’s privacy. Part I of the series deals mostly with the ‘passport incident’, and subsequent parts II, III, and IV of the series will be updated soon.

Part 1. Distributor of scanned images of JYJ’s passports must be strictly punished.

On May 10, 2011, scanned images of JYJ’s (along with those of two members from TVXQ Act I) passports were uploaded via twitter online and these images were spread rapidly by retweets of the uploader’s followers. JYJ’s agency has asked the police to investigate the route in which the scanned images of a passport, an identification issued by the Korean government that contains the most important personal information could have leaked outside, and who the first distributor of this information is.

Of course, many fans also stayed up the all night worrying about what would happen if the members’ personal information were to end up in the wrong hands due to this cyber terrorism. Personal information including national identification number on the scanned images are very important to Korean citizens and must be kept confidential at all times.

All Korean citizens are given a serial number that is specific to each individual at birth.
This number is issued by the Korean government and will remain valid even after that person’s death. We call this number ‘National Identification Number.’ In the Republic of Korea, dissemination of national identification number is considered a serious violation of privacy as this number can be used to access almost all online websites including those related to not only personal hobbies but also private consumption, finance, education, and almost all government-affiliated social infrastructures.
If this number is exposed, it can be easily be abused in identity thefts and be used to create cloned phones and bank accounts that is used in scams. Thus, illegal use and/or release of this information without the consent of the individual by a third party is a serious criminal offense, and those who commit this crime can be prosecuted in the court in accordance with the law.

On the scanned images of the passport circulated online, national identification numbers of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu were fully exposed. Such exposure of national identification number is a critical incident not only for a celebrity like JYJ but to an ordinary individual. Sure enough, on the very same day in which these images were circulated on twitter, second offense soon committed as some used this information to search into members’ private life.

Why are we making such a fuss out of this?

Are Korean fans being overly sensitive?

There are precedents in the past (TVXQ Act I era) that ‘Sasaengs’ (people stalking JYJ’s every move including those that are not official schedules) have caused the members serious trouble by getting hold of their national identification number and using it to pay for their own cell phone and credit card bills and registering on illegal websites such as adult websites. Dissemination of ‘national identification number’ is a horrific cyber terrorism inflicted on an individual, NOT a price that a celebrity should pay in exchange with his/her fame.

The first disseminator of JYJ’s passport images and people who underestimated the significance of this violation of privacy and unreservedly contributed to circulation of that information will answer to the consequences of their actions. They deserve punishments as heavy as the gravity of the crimes they have committed. We wish for a swift action of the police and C-JeS Entertainment to prevent further damages to JYJ.

As Korean citizens who have participated in campaigns arousing attention to the dangers and harmful effects of illegal uses of personal information and have witnessed the serious damages such cases can cause, it breaks our heart that crimes such as this are taken lightly and committed without hesitation.

If the distributor and his/her sympathizers think that they could get away with what they have done because they are not residents of the Republic of Korea, we politely ask you to research what privacy policies are implemented and what is considered a social responsibility in your country of residence.

And please, put yourself in JYJ’s shoes and make your judgments based on standards of JYJ’s country, Republic of Korea.


Written by: Mission4JYJ

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