[ENG TRANS] Announcement for the lawsuit against AVEX Entertainment Inc

 <Announcement for the lawsuit against AVEX Entertainment Inc>

*Source: Official Website of C-JeS Entertainment (JUNE 3, 2011)

 The application for provisional injunction was dropped in order to proceed with the actual lawsuit [against AVEX]. AVEX has been insisting on invalidity of cancellation of the exclusive management contract and interfering in the charity concert by using unfair force.

We decided to file the main lawsuit against this and will contend our justice in the court.

<About the lawsuit against AVEX Entertainment Inc>

Regarding the activities of our artists JYJ, we hereby report that we filed the lawsuit to claim a ban on interference of management against AVEX Entertainment Inc.

We had sold the tickets with the authorization from Saitama Super Arena (SSA) in the first place for ‘JYJ Charity Event to Support Ehe earthquake in Japan’ which was planned to be held on June 7, 2011. However, SSA announced that “We [SSA] judged that it would not be appropriate to allow the use of the arena.” on its website. We apologize for any inconvenience and concerns this might have caused after the change of the place and etc. 

The source of this contention was AVEX’s request aimed to “Do not give JYJ any authorization to use the arena” because “JYJ could not do their activities as long as they were not under AVEX label.” 

But, we had already cancelled the contract of JYJ with AVEX on February 22, 2011 due to AVEX’s default on the obligation. In the result of this, AVEX lost its exclusive right of JYJ’s management in Japan. Therefore, excuse AVEX gave SSA to stop them from giving JYJ approval to use the venue was based on false information.

During the prior consultation with AVEX, we were trying to solve this by dialogue as our priority is the benefits of our artist and fans. But we judged that AVEX unilaterally suspended JYJ’s activities in Japan and did not fulfill its management duty for over six months which inevitably led us to cancel the contract for breach of the contract on AVEX’s part.

AVEX insists the invalidity of this cancellation and illegaly asked the arena not to give any authorization of use by spreading false information with giant company’s unfair force in order to interfere in the benefit concert.   

Regarding these actions of AVEX, we had no choice but to submit the provisional injunction in Tokyo Regional Court to prohibit AVEX’s interferences in the concert but decided to raise the actual main lawsuit against AVEX at last due to many reasons with the benefit concert being very close at hand.

From now, our justice will be contended in the court and we will do our best to protect our artists and fans’ benefits for this event and other things in the future.

We hope you will continue to give supporte and understanding.

Source translated in Korean: Mission4JYJ 
Original source in Japanese: C-JeS Entertainment

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