[NEWS] “KFPCAI violates Fair Trade Law by regulating JYJ’s Activities”

[NEWS] “KFPCAI violates Fair Trade Law by regulating JYJ’s Activities”
raised by a Democrat Park at government conference

Monday June 13, 2010

[JI YEON KIM Reports]

A Democrat Seon Sook PARK demanded that Fair Trade Commission Korea (KFTC) be more active on investigation regarding unfair trading practices in entertainment industry.

At the official conference for government affairs on June 13, the congressperson Seon Sook Park questioned that KFTC should examine whether Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry(KFPCAI) violated Fair Trade Law. KFPCAI sent out an official document [in 2010] asking broadcasting/management companies to restrain JYJ’s appearances.

JYJ is a vocal group consisted of Jaejoong KIM, Yuchun PARK and Junsu KIM from TVXQ.

“KFTC has ordered entertainment industry to correct its practices ONLY twice for the last five years, and those were all related to SM Entertainment, the leading management company in Korea.” explained the Democrat PARK.

She also pointed out that “I do not doubt the competitiveness of Korean Wave (Hallyu) that has advanced not only into Asia but also European countries, but I do believe that this would not last long if it was only achieved by a certain management company’s superior position”.

PARK asked KFTC to change ‘Standard Exclusive Contract for Entertainment Industry’ to official notification that has legal effect in order to strengthen its binding force and Dong Soo KIM, the Chairperson of KFTC, answered “I understand”.

Translation credit: Mission4JYJ
Original LinK: http://news.inews24.com/php/news_view.php?g_serial=581363&g_menu=050220&rrf=nv

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