[ENG TRANS] JYJ Kim Jaejoong, the reason [he] won’t sing TVXQ songs

Ever since the concept of “idol” was conceived, countless number of idols have appeared and disappeared. Among these idols, there is a class of people who desire to escape the restraints of an idol while there are also class of people who decide to settle. If the attempt at escape goes too far, they will fall behind pushing away the public with their excessiveness, but those that just settle will bore the public and lose their interest in the end. It’s not so easy finding the wise path between these two extremes.

Kim Jaejoong,who has everything from the good looks and
wit commonly demanded for idols to the musical potential required as artist, was looking at himself as an idol in cold and objective perspective. He was at the stage of forming his own principles, instead of freeing himself of the restraints of what are often called the ‘trained’ idols.

Kim Jaejoong says, “I’ve always thought that I had an image as an idol that is not so ordinary but unique to myself. I thought that I was the type of celebrity who is either really hated or very much loved depending on each person’s preferences, and I didn’t really want to change that. I sometimes was scared that people who liked me would end up hating me.  For example, there are fans who do costume play. For them, that may be their enjoyment and hobby, but the moment I change, that could be lost. ”

However, Jaejoong has continued to change and grow, not only just singing but also taking on many challenges in different areas like composing, show directing, and recently acting. Kim Jaejoong commented, “I was scared and afraid to make changes [to that image,] but people who liked me continued to like me when I made the changes slowly. I’m just thankful.”

Recently, there was a controversy with the Chinese singer Roy Cho covering TVXQ’s “Wasurenaide” which is composed by Kim Jaejoong in Japan without consent. Roy Cho’s cover was proceeded without a discussion with Kim Jaejoong and received harsh protests from [Jaejoong’s] fans. Through Roy Cho’s statement, Roy Park stated, “I know there are many stories and memories associated with this song, and I also like Kim Jaejoong’s talent and songs. I deeply regret my actions, and I will resolve all related matters through discussions with Kim Jaejoong himself.”

Afterwards, Kim Jaejoong revealed his thoughts on his twitter in Japanese, “The song ‘Wasurenaide’ is neither mine nor anyone else’s. It is song of the five members of TVXQ. Therefore, I don’t want to sing it alone nor as three (JYJ).”

In his interview, Kim Jaejoong confessed, “it’s seems this happens commonly in China, so I have no plans to take further actions. However, I do hope that [he] doesn’t sing [the song]. Regardless of it being a song that I wrote, it is a song that belongs to five members of TVXQ. That is why I nor the three of us are not singing that song.”

He continued, “I feel like it’s hurting the memories that fans — those who have loved TVXQ and still do– have. Nostalgia of that song is what the fans hold as the dearest moment, and when someone else takes it away and sings it without permission, fans get hurt.”

When asked carefully, “do you not have any plans to sing TVXQ songs in the future?” Jaejoong nodded silently and responded, “Not if I can help it…

[**Translators Note: The most direct translation of what Jaejoong said would be “If possible…” Since the reporter asked if he did not plan to sing TVXQ songs in the future and from the context of what Jaejoong has been saying through out the article, I judged that he was saying he has NO PLANS of singing TVXQ songs and wants to avoid it by all means. ]

Kim Jaejoong speaks his mind and communicates with fans through twitter. Sometimes he makes his position clear in a firm tone that may seem too straight forward at times. Although this may cause misunderstandings or antagonism, he didn’t seem to care.

He said, “I say what I need to say. I though that it could cause some negative responses. But I do not believe that it was wrong. I did not write my personal opinion. I write about feelings that most people, everyone would feel.” This can be interpreted as[Jaejoong] confidently revealing his beliefs after thinking about it in the most objective position like people looking at him coldly as an idol.

Kim Jaejoong, who is making his first attempt at an acting career with an appearance in a Korean drama, commented on acting, “I was and still am not so greedy about being the leading actor. I think what’s important is how well I can bring the character to life. First, I want to be recognized as a supporting actor who can give life to a character. I don’t have the desire to play the leading roll using fame.”


Original Text: http://news.nate.com/view/20110722n06072

Translated by: Mission4JYJ (https://mission4jyj.wordpress.com)

** Jaejoong’s thoughtful comments that reveals his true thoughts just prove that he is the better person. (Better than who? I don’t know. I guess I mean no one ;D)

** You are free to move our posts, but please give us credit. Please do not edit our posts.  Thank you!

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One Response to [ENG TRANS] JYJ Kim Jaejoong, the reason [he] won’t sing TVXQ songs

  1. ILUVJYJ says:

    Thank you. translators. This is by far THE BEST TRANSLATION I have read of this interview.
    don’t mean to be harsh or critical but it is so distressing that other JYJ sites have so poorly translated this interview that a completely different meaning is being conveyed concerning JJs comments and led to arguments among the fans.
    So Thank you for your thoughtful approach to the english translation process.
    I will start coming here to get a reliable english translation.
    Thanks again.

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