Respect JYJ Campaign – Part II. What is ‘Sasaeng’? Everything you need to know about ‘Sasaengs’ fully exposed!

Respect JYJ Campaign

Part I.

Distributor of the scanned images of JYJ’s passports must be strictly punished. (Click)

Part II.
What is ‘Sasaeng’? Everything you need to know about ‘Sasaengs’ fully exposed!

Part III.
What do JYJ say? – the torment JYJ had to endure (Click)

 Part IV.
Conclusion (Click)


Before we start Part II, Let’s see Jaejoong’s Tweet on July 30, 2011 (Click)

Today Jaejoong tweeted begging the sasaengs and sateks to leave him alone.
(Refer the above link to see translation)
For those of you who do not remember, we have started a series of articles after the leakage of passport images of JYJ about two months ago in hopes to raise the awareness about protecting JYJ’s privacy and respecting them not only as the artist we love,
but as an individual like us.

It has been a quite a long time since we posted the translations about this passport incident and how we should respect JYJ’s privacy.
Since then, the fansites and blogs have deleted the passport pictures, and C-JeS Entertainment has made it clear that they will get to the bottom of this and find out the first distributor of this information.

However, the fan blogs and sites have failed to acknowledge their mistakes or let alone even mention this incident again, and as seen from Jaejoong’s tweet, it seems that many of sasaengs(Stalking fans) are still continuing their wrong deed of stalking and harassing JYJ.

So sadly, our campaign, so far, has been failing.
So, we are continuing this campaign and updating the second part.

Although the content may seem a little outdated since the original Korean article was written in response to the passport article, the main message it carries — Let’s do everything we can to respect JYJ’s privacy and banish the stalkers from the fandom —
still applies.

Please take this moment to read the article, think about the seriousness of this matter,
and discuss what the solutions are.

What’s ‘Sasaeng’?

Here’s everything that you need to know! 

Q. What is ‘Sasaeng’?

A. ‘Sasaeng’ is a Korean slang derived from the word ‘private life’ (사생활, Sa-Saeng-Hwal). It refers to people who would not hesitate to violate celebrity’s privacy to follow them around, watch their every move, take pictures and upload those online, and spread rumors by making up stories about them, aka stalkers, criminals.

Q. What are ‘Sasaeng”s sphere of activities?

A. Sasaengs [we’ll abbreviate sasaeng to SS from now on] follow celebrities for a
ll activities except for the official schedules announced by the celebrity’s management agency. In the process, SS seriously violate the celebrity’s rights to privacy
by tracking them down and chasing them even if it means going on a rampage to achieve what SS’s goals.

Q. Is it considered a ‘sasaeng’ if I took a picture of a celebrity
who I just happen to run into on the streets?

A. Holly molly, what good deed do you have to do in the previous life in order to get that kind of positive karma? Of course, that is NOT considered SS.
Still, it would be the polite and respectful thing to do to ask them prior to taking
the picture rather than sneaking your viewfinder on the celebrity.
However, if you were camping outside their house and yet you pretended that you just
ran into them, THAT would definitely be considered SS,
and you’d better watch out for the fans. And be prepared for the worst -_-^

Q. What do Korean fans think about ‘Sasaeng’?

 A. Korean fans loathe them.
Almost all Korean fansites aimed at fans of JYJ strictly ban all pictures and
information acquired from SS activities.

Q. Then what’s ‘Satek’?

A. “Satek” is a Korean slang combining two words, sasaeng and taxi
(Tek-si in Korean pronunciation).
It refers to taxis illegally operated by taxi drivers who charge more fees than normal
taxis to follow the celebrities on the road.
Sateks not only encourage Sasaeng’s stalking activities, but also threaten members’ lives by causing traffic accidents due to reckless driving and violating traffic regulations. Specially, because Sateks also are participating in Sasaeng’s activities
by follow JYJ’s schedules and standing by on-site for their royal customers [SS],
SS and Satek could be considered one and the same, both equally pathetic losers.

Q. Are airports pictures considered SS pictures?

A. Airport pictures that are not from a press source are considered SS pictures.

First, if the members themselves or the staff working for them do not reveal it, flight information cannot be known to the fans unless the SS illegally abused the “National Identification Number’ to look up these arrival/departure details.

Even if a fan working at the airlines or the travel agencies leaked the information,
the fact that the action of leaking such information is an violation and illegal abuse of an individual’s privacy does not change.

Therefore, the airport pictures are the scariest of all SS pictures.
Of course, there could be an exception if the time of the departure and arrival is officially announced through the media. But we all know that such cases are rare.
Even if a close friend of JYJ leaks this information, that also cannot be considered an official disclosure of JYJ’s schedules since he is not a staff working at JYJ’s agency.
Thus, if there are any pictures, videos, or fan accounts resulting from using that information, those data are still considered SS.

Q. What are other reasons for classifying flight information as SS?

A. Posting and/or distributing information that is ‘impossible’ to gain access to unless a staff officially announces it is not proper, but there is a bigger problem that follows. Separated from the importance of JYJ getting a warm welcome by the fans of that country, SS among the fans who go greet JYJ chase the members even after they leave the airport.

They camp outside the hotel and wander around, and when the members visit a new country, they have to be stuck at the hotel without the liberty to go out and explore.
When there are no tacit rules that fans must not chase JYJ after welcoming them at the airport so that fans cannot be disrespectful, any action taken for ‘enjoying’ these airport pictures encourage such SS activities.

SS crave attention from other people by posting ‘airport pictures’ they took without permission which were acquired from morally condemnable acts such as shoving cameras in the members’ faces when they are exhausted by the extremely long flights,
or touching the members in inappropriate places.

(Actual cases includes a coverage of SS who tried to take a picture of Yuchun by
putting a camera in his face at the Japan airport in 2009. Yuchun personally told the fan not to take his picture but when she continued taking pictures, he directly took away the camera from the fan, deleted the pictures, and gave it back.)

SS do as they please to stalk and chase JYJ despite the pleas of the members not to follow them around and restraints by the other fans.

For that reason, even if you came to be in hold of information regarding JYJ’s flight information, you should not re-post or distribute that information.
Papparazzi pictures that are taken without the approval from the airport must be strictly prohibited in fan communities, and all SS must be isolated within the fandom by exposing the horrid, repulsive and filthy ugliness of their activities.

When the fans show their excitement about JYJ’s flight information and openly post SS’s airport pictures online, it only encourages SS’s work and
promotes their disrespectful acts toward JYJ.

Pictures of JYJ posted on some JYJ’s fansites which were obviously from the airport security and taken only for security and identification purposes can never be obtained in principle unless you are an airport official and never meant to be exposed outside unless in the case of a crime, or confirmation of foreigner identification.

If fans of a celebrity enjoy the information illegally obtained and leaked by SS, it is obvious that the SS would be ecstatic with the ‘attention’ they receive and will continue to harass the members to get more exclusive information from them.

SS are no different from paparazzi in that they make things up about members’ personal life as if it were a fact and hand it over to reporters, sell the pictures to make profit, and use that profit to support their activities. So it is very important that fans make a serious consideration of excluding these SS information from the fandom with clear and unified opinion. That is, if you do not wish to sympathize with people harassing JYJ.

Q. Then how come those pictures are uploaded on web in Korea too?

A. Those criminals lack the ability to understand the Korean language or
lack the ability to communicate with people altogether.
Fans beg them to stop, but SS continue to commit these crimes.
If a third party sues them, there are thousands of these SS who we would gladly sue and take to court.

However, there are limits to what the fans can do when these people are determined to upload these pictures. Still, since malicious distribution of personal information by another person is NOT an offense subject to complaint (from the victim), it can be reported by third party to cyber criminal investigation and the police.
Such example includes leaking of identification pictures and pictures taken inside of a public institution.

Q. So passport pictures without the personal information from the scanned images are also problematic?

A. Yes. It is not only problematic, but if publicized enough,
it is a crime subject to social criticism.
Passport picture is very important information that is undeniably different
from ordinary snap shots.

If, by any chance, you think that posting a cropped image of the passport photo from a scanned image that includes valuable personal information or sharing it with fans is okay, then why don’t you try uploading YOUR passport picture on your twitter for once?
Some very bad people will be glad to make illegal use of your image in crimes.
Hey, you might even see your own face on Interpol’s most wanted list 😀

Q. Some fansites post those pictures regularly. What can we do?

A. If you are a true fan, please set your priorities straight when your making judgment calls on these issues: your own name or JYJ’s.
Going wild for ‘SS pictures’ and ‘SS information’ coming from SS that give the most painful sufferings to JYJ who you love so much have endure everyday is just NOT RIGHT.
Do you think posting such pictures to get other fans’ attention and building ‘friendships’ online is more important than protecting JYJ’s privacy?
If your answer is yes, then you are not a fan but an hater.
If you are a fan, you should be able to voice your opinion and say,
‘please don’t post those pictures.’

Q. If they were not aware of that it was a sasaeng picture when they moved it,
shouldn’t they be forgiven? What if it becomes a problem too late?

A. If a person did something wrong, naturally he or she should accept his/her mistakes for causing a disturbance in the community, take responsibilities for the consequences of his/her action, and take time to reflect on his/her actions.

It is more important that they take responsibility than making excuses or ask for forgiveness. At least, the consequences resulting from uploading information as personal and confidential as ‘identification card information’ and ‘passport photos’ without censure, and re-posting and distributing that information without even bothering to question the source of the information are serious.

Think in JYJ’s shoes for once.
If your passport pictures and pictures of you that only the airport officials should have access to were being shared by strangers online, how would you feel?

Q. What should we do to get rid of these SS?

A. SS are attention-addicts.
So don’t give them any.
See no sasaeng, hear no sasaeng, and know no sasaeng!
Do not feed the animal.


Original Article in Korean by Mission4JYJ  (

Translated by Mission4JYJ (

**You are free to move this article, but please give us credit. If you are adding or editing this article, please make sure that you include the shortlink to our original post. Thank you.

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3 Responses to Respect JYJ Campaign – Part II. What is ‘Sasaeng’? Everything you need to know about ‘Sasaengs’ fully exposed!

  1. nokaejoong says:

    Thank you so much to give me a very useful information.
    I’ll stop tweeting those pictures probably taken by SS from now on.
    I don’t want them to face accidents anymore.

  2. LOL says:

    thanks a lot for sharing the info…

  3. monologue says:

    thanks for doing this. JYJ fandom is one of the worst I’ve ever seen for stalking the members at non-official appearances (and not just in Korea, but all over the world!).

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