Respect JYJ Campaign Part III. – What do JYJ say? – the torment JYJ had to endure

Respect JYJ Campaign

Part I.
Distributor of the scanned images of JYJ’s passports must be strictly punished. (Click)

Part II.
What is ‘Sasaeng’? Everything you need to know about ‘Sasaengs’ fully exposed! (Click)

Part III.
What do JYJ say? – the torment JYJ had to endure

Part IV.
Conclusion (Click)


JYJ have been suffering from Sasaengs who invaded their privacy for a really long time since their debut in 2004. TV and Newspapers have frequently reported the sufferings which were too much to bear as human beings.

The below articles are just the tip of the iceberg that the members had to put up with in their everyday lives. At this very moment you are reading this post, JYJ are being tortured from Sasaengs.[Stalking fans]

Title 1: ‘Sasaeng-fan’ from China and Japan increasing through Korean Wave.
Date: DEC 07, 2007 


 ‘International Sasaeng-fans’ (fans who follows celebrities’ private schedules) from overseas countries are increasing with Korean Wave.

It used to be short trips for visiting set of dramas or spots such as restaurants that celebrities visit, but now increasing number of international fans are ‘living’ in Korea under the name of language study in order to chase celebrities’ every movement for 24 hours a day.

Those ‘international Sasaeng-fans’ from China and Japan rent a house near celebrities’ house and buckle down to do ‘Sasaeng’.

They make Korean fans’ jaw dropped in astonishment, because they can find out the stars’ schedules that even their managers do not know and have excellent mobility by using rental taxis.

“Chinese Sasaeng fans built a nest near the house of TVXQ in Seoul, and do their ‘Sasaeng’ even more actively than Korean fans. I often bump into them during
my Sasaeng-activities, they have the air of the rich from head to toe.”
said Hye Kyoung JIN, a 27-year-old graphic designer who have been a Sasaeng-fan
of TVXQ for 2 years.

There are many Japanese fans that actually move to Seoul and follow the stars’ every move. “There are Japanese fans who come to the SM building everyday and wait blindly. From overseas students who come to learn Korean during vacation to thirty-something women, it’s really varied.”
explained Eun Ah Kim, the publicist at SM Entertainment.

▶What is ‘Sasaeng’?
: It is a new word to call fans following celebrities’ private life.

There are always crowded group of fans longing to see their starts’ face every day, rain or shine in front of the houses of TVXQ, Super Junior and SS501.

Of course it’s been a long time since ‘Seo Taji and Boys’ that celebrities’ house became an ‘attraction’ due to some group of fans visiting their houses.
It is a famous episode that Hyo-Ri LEE the Top Star was a ‘Sasaeng-fan’ of Tony An,
the member of H.O.T. who once ruled over music industry.

However, the word ‘Sasang-fan’ was created since fans following only private schedules(not officially notified) are increasing these days.


“Sasaengs don’t have much interest in official schedules that everyone knows.
I once went to the house of TVXQ right after my afternoon class,
and stayed up for the night there.”
said Hui Young JUNG, 22-year-old who has been a Sasaeng of Xiah Junsu for 6 months.

She is attending one of the most prestigious universities in Seoul, and says that
“It(Sasaeng) is just addiction. There are many days I wait for nothing in front of the house all day long, but I just get so anxious if I don’t go”.

Eun Ju Hong(29) who works at a department store currently bought her own car
for ‘more convenience in Sasaeng-activities’.
She decided that having her own car would be more cost-effective than paying 15,000KRW ~ 30,000KRW per hour for a call-van.
(She used to take a call-van for her Sasaeng-activities.)

[Call-van: A van that drives more passengers than a normal taxi.
It normally drives up to 6 passengers at once, and Sasaengs take a call-van in order to chase the members altogether.]

As for international fans, they have a ‘own regular taxi driver’ who can drive them for their Sasaeng-activities.

“There are Chinese fans following TVXQ in group consisted of 3~4 fans,
even to the other cities.” said a driver Kwon(43), who drives Sasaeng-fans to chase TVXQ when TVXQ have schedules in Korea.

He also told us that “They follow TVXQ to Daegu and Busan, to just see the members for a minute when TVXQ have break at an expressway rest area. A Chinese fan boasted that she gave the member a grand piano as a present”.

According to him, international fans have easier access when they follow the stars to the place that the members have dine with staff because managers or bodyguards tend not to block them as they look like just tourists.

“Satek-drivers also share the ‘information[whereabouts of the stars]’ each other.
It is getting more difficult to chase them because their [the stars and managers] skill to shake fans’ chase off are also getting better and better.


Title 2: Official Schedules are not enough! 

Sasaeng and Saseang-Taxi’ only follow stars’ privacy.
Date: OCT 26, 2008

Fans who go to see stars’ official activities VS Fans who only follow stars’ private life.

Does this sound unfamiliar? But the differentiation of the Korean star fans is being accelerated.

 SBS Documentary ‘That I Want to Know(그것이 알고싶다)’ covered a fandom-phenomenon toward stars, its negative sides and division of fandom activities in
reportage-style on October 25.

For example, the documentary pointed out that some fans rent taxis to chase idol stars in order to follow stars’ private life and fandoms are getting more overheated by those excessive affection of some fans.

When a vehicle of an idol group departed after the Music Program of KBS finished
on OCT 3, taxis and rental cars started chasing this idol group’s van, honking the horns. After midnight on the same day, they appeared again at a park near Imjingak where the other show held.

 As soon as ‘TVXQ’ finished their turn on the show, more than ten taxis and cars started to chase the vehicle[of TVXQ]. Sasaeng-Taxies seemed so fast that danger of accident seemed to be inevitable.

A driver who chased TVXQ admitted that he was a ‘Sasaeng-Taxi driver’,
and also confessed that fans who want to know celebrities’ privacy pay him about 200,000KRW[approx.180USD] as he chases celebrities’ privacy such as houses, restaurants and even places they have dates.

 These fans are called ‘Sasaeng’.

They are not much interested in stars’ official schedules, but focus on stars’ private life such as salons and houses.

A Sasaeng said that “I often wait for 2-3 days near their houses to see the star.”

The documentary also reported the fact that it is related to one of social problems because some fans drop their schools due to their Sasaeng activities as this phenomenon has continued.

“Celebrities and some fans are exposed to dangerous situations so we are always paying special attention.” said a staff at a management company.

Title: “I’m sorry, but I love you” How fans become ‘Sasaengs’? – A day of Sasaengs

Date: SEP 29, 2009

*Note: The author of this article wrote this in the viewpoint of Sasaeng.*

[Figure: This is how the pictures at airports are taken, by torturing the members.
You are enjoying the products of members’ suffering.]

“I feel sorry that my members’ private life disappeared because of fans like me. Sometimes I think it’s too much, but I just couldn’t stop following them. I wanna see them every day because I like them too much.”

We are enthusiastic ‘Sasaeng-fans’.
We used to be ordinary students who just supported and watched idol stars like TVXQ and BigBang in the distance at first. We started buying CDs 2 years ago, but it turned into following them before we realized it.


 We visit the members’ [private] houses at least 2~3 times a week.
In addition, we go everywhere the members go such as music programs, concerts, awards, restaurants and cafes. If we are lucky, we can see the members several times a day.
But there are many days that we cannot even have a single look of the members.


 There are ‘Sasaeng-Blogs’ that the members’ every movement is posted, so we can check schedules and check out where the members are (at houses, salons and etc).


During vacation seasons, there are many Sasaengs who are middle or high school students like me, but there are more university students and adults after vacation.
Do university students and adults follow the members too? They are even better.
They are much faster because many of them have their own cars so they have mobility.

How do we follow stars?
TVXQ for example, we go to TVXQ’s house at 7 AM when they fly to Japan for concerts. There are always more than 20 Sasaengs.

We want to see the members’ natural sides.
Xiah Junsu is really easygoing and sometimes wears in-house slippers when he goes out. When TVXQ get in their van and depart to the airport, we take Sateks to chase them to the airport.

(*Sasaeng-Taxis: taxis that specifically follow celebrities with Sasaeng-fans.
The drivers are normally paid 30,000KRW [approx 28USD] per an hour.)


 It’s easy for us to see the members when they have official schedules.
There is 90% of possibility that we can see the members if we wait in front of their houses or salons. Can we see the members if there is no schedule?
Yes, but only when we are lucky. It’s possible to see them when you know the cafes and restaurants that the members are partial to go privately.

For example, there is a restaurant run by a close friend of TVXQ and there are always many fans in front of the restaurant. Of course the members don’t come every day,
but we wait for a chance.

And one more, Sasaengs share whereabouts of the members.
They send texts to each other about where the members are while they are chasing the members.[in real time]

Also taxi drivers give us information. They are Sasaeng-Taxis that ONLY drive Sasaengs. They earn money by using the members’ [private] information because
we have to pay them hourly when we take the taxi.
(Reporter’s note: During the report, a Satek driver actually sent a text to the Sasaeng we interviewed, informing whereabouts of the members.)
If we can afford money and time, Sasaeng-Taxi drives us to chase the members for all day long. It’s so competitive that their payments rose up to 30,000KRW per hour.

Title 3: KBSN ‘Entertainers’ received protests after reporting Sasaeng-fans

Date: AUG 08, 2010


‘Entertainers’ has begun its new report named ‘Private life of Sasangs’ since JUL 23.
The report focused on several Sasaeng-fans’ life and actually followed Sasaengs of TVXQ for the programs. So far, two episodes have been aired.

The Sasaeng-fans[TVXQ’s Sasaengs] who appeared on the program found out not only routes of the members but also where they were and what they were doing in real time. Especially, several sasaeng-fans chased the each member separately so that they could share the whereabouts of the all members by using cell phones every time the members move.

They even found out that Micky Yuchun went shopping at a department store in Jeonju and what time U-Know Yunho left his house to go to the cinema.

Sasaengs chased other idol stars when they failed to see the members of TVXQ while they were touring the [private] houses of Micky Yuchun, the Hyun-Joong KIM(SS501)’s parents, Hero Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu. They were fully aware of that celebrities report them as stalkers to the police, but never stopped what they were doing.
Even there was no exception for the international fans.

‘Entertainers’ succeeded in catching U-Know Yunho with his friends at a coffee shop and Dong Hae (Super Junior) at a gym on its camera through the information from Sasaeng. Also they went to the set of SKK Scandal with Sasaengs and caught Micky Yuchun on its camera after his shooting.


Title 4: Micky Yuchun and Hero Jaejoong : “Sasaeng and Satek are really hard to bear.”

Date: DEC 8, 2010

Micky Yuchun and Hero Jaejoong of JYJ gave their bitter feelings about some fans who invade their privacy. Yesterday [DEC 7, 2010], Micky Yuchun said on his twitter:

“It’s so annoying. People in front of my house, please go back.
No matter how hard I think, you are like anti-fans”
“It’s really hard to put up with and I hate it”

continued Yuchun, expressing his distressed feeling.
He also mentioned that “Satek, Sasaeng Please do not try to find us this time,
Please I beg you!!!” on DEC 1 2010 via his tweeter.

The word ‘Sasaeng’ that Micky Yuchun mentioned stands for a ‘Sasaeng-Fan’ who keep watch on celebrities’ every move for 24 hours and follow celebrities with excessive obsession over them under the name of a fan. A ‘Satek’ refers to a taxi that drives ‘Sasaeng’ to follow celebrities. [a.k.a. Sasaeng-Taxi]

Hero Jaejoong also mentioned about Sasaeng and Satek.
“I understand that they want to see more of us, but this is not the way of loving us.”
wrote Jaejoong on his tweeter.

He specifically added, “I think Sasaeng-Taxi is even worse social evil.
Would you do this to your own children or family? All five of us [TVXQ] had car accidents and cried at home or on the streets, but what we saw in the glass of the sasaeng taxis were only smiles.”

Meanwhile, they deleted these when their mentions on tweeter became issues on the internet.

Title 5: Yuchun gave warning on Sasaeng-fans…How badly he got stressed?
Date: Mar 13, 2011

Yuchun’s warning on Sasaeng-fans gave public a shock.
Yuchun of JYJ officially gave Sasaen-fans a warning after suffering from them.

On 12th, Yuchun left a message on Tweeter warning some fans who follow him and come to his house. A ‘Sasaeng-Fan’ is a newly coined word, referring that a ‘hardcore fan who invades a celebrity’s privacy’.

  He wrote “Please don’t follow me I beg you, and don’t come to my house too.”
It was short but enough to express severe stress that he has been through so far.
Fans also left replies sympathizing with his message.

Prior to this message, Yuchun also expressed his pain, “Please go back. No matter how hard I think, you are anti-fans. It’s really hard to put up with and I hate this”


 Even JYJ directly expressed their suffering from these Sasaengs and Sateks via their tweeter.


“I think Sasaeng-Taxis that get paid by hour from young international fans are even worse than are even worse sasaeng, including Korean sasaengs. They don’t care whether it’s stalking, crime or invasion of privacy. Specialized Sateks even tell us that it’s none of our business because their life is crap anyway.”

“Even if there was no Sasaeng, it would be worse social evil that Sasaeng-Taxis chasing celebrities with empty seats or lying to fans that they succeed in finding us to earn money from them. Would you do it to your own family..? There are huge numbers of people who suffer from invasion of privacy more than you think.”

“There hasn’t been much time for us to meet our own friends, acquaintances and family on days we were busy working. Because we couldn’t even meet them or just wasted our time on the road because of those people[Sasaengs/Sasaeng-Taxis]. I think this is not a way of loving us. I understand that you want to see more of us so much because I did to.”

“All five of us [TVXQ] have had accidents and cried on the street or at home, but there was nothing but only smiles inside of the windows of Sasaeng-Taxies. Of course I got angry about the situation. But, please do not make such actions under the name of love to shorten other people’s lives for all of us. Sorry at this late night everyone..”

“It’s something that has nothing to with this.. but when I asked Ji-Yong[G-Dragon of Bigbang]. ‘Do you have any Sasaengs or Sateks?’ He answered ‘What is Satek?’….haha”

 Yuchun’s Tweet

이번 여행만큼은~^^찾지말아주세요~사택~사생분들!!부탁!!!
Satek, Sasaeng Plz do not try to find us this time, Please!!!

제발좀…따라오지마세요….집앞에도 오지마세요….사생!
Please don’t follow me… don’t come to my house.. Sasaeng You people!!

So once more, What is Sasaeng?

It’s something that the members really really really really absolutely hate.

So it drives fans crazy because fans really really really absolutely hate it,  too.  


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Translated by Mission4JYJ (

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3 Responses to Respect JYJ Campaign Part III. – What do JYJ say? – the torment JYJ had to endure

  1. MICKYWELL says:

    It’s a bit long, but worth reading and bearing in our mind.
    It’s horrible just to read this articles and can’t imagine how JYJ put up with this for ages.!
    God those stalking People, do they have any ideas that these are all can be crime?

  2. JyunShyu says:

    this is just…. sad, mostly 😦
    i wish every single people who claims as JYJ’s fan would take the time to read this…

  3. i understand how the fans get too desperate to see them. but the fact that the stars have their own private lives, they should have respected that. it’s sad to know that at one event in the lives of DBSK comes when they felt so down yet these Sasaeng just smiled. oh no! that sounds ridiculous!

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