Respect JYJ Campaign Part IV. Conclusion

Respect JYJ Campaign

Part I.
Distributor of the scanned images of JYJ’s passports must be strictly punished. (Click)

Part II.
What is ‘Sasaeng’? Everything you need to know about ‘Sasaengs’ fully exposed! (Click)

Part III.
What do JYJ say? – the torment JYJ had to endure (Click)

Part IV.


Sasaengs[Stalking Fans] illegally got the scanned files of the members’ passports, and uploaded on the internet. The files exposed the members’ most confidential private information.

This is an obvious CRIME, also basically Sasaeng is illegal.

It is a undeniably serious crime, NOT something that we could be tolerated because we think they[Sasaengs and people uploaded the files] are fans too.

Do you want to know about private life of the members?
Then do you remember what JYJ’s Japanese acquaintance said?
Be a successful Enough so that you can be a great person who can invite the members to your own private life. It is the only legal way to share the members’ privacy.

We are not only talking about spread passport images of JYJ a couple of months ago.

As Jaejoong directly expressed his distress toward Sasaengs today,
(It was even not a first time as you all know), We post this article and apologize for a little late update of ‘Respect JYJ Campaign’ series.

Also ALL fan-blogs/sites uploading Stalking pictures officially,

Do you think it is okay that you just ‘share’ stalking pictures that other people produed, because you do not actually stalk JYJ yourself?

Remember that the laws of supply and demand work in fandom too as everywhere else.

Sasaengs do their activities even more enthusiastically because people like you spread and enjoy those products.

We must know that spectators are no better than accomplices in this situation that
JYJ hate the most by enjoying the products risked the members own lives.

It is also just the same if you remain silent when you see someone enjoying Stalking pictures.


“Silence only encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”. 


Original Article in Korean by Mission4JYJ  (

Translated by Mission4JYJ (

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5 Responses to Respect JYJ Campaign Part IV. Conclusion

  1. Royal says:

    Totally aggree. the boys must be respected by fans. It was sad to read JJ’s tweet today because he seemed really upset, and It’s embarrasing that someone call themselves ‘fan’ did hurt the boys.
    Thank you for your hard work!

  2. lilibaiyu says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve long spoken of this on JYJ3 and JYJFiles, I thought, to largely deaf ears. “But we LIKE the photographs these saesang’s send” was what I seemed to be hearing the most. I’ve also spoken out about all the airport cams we’ve seen over the months (and maybe longer for all I know) where, to a man, the guys look hunted, miserable and in fact intimidated by fans massing on them in largely unsecured areas where literally ANYTHING could happen to them. It would only take one hater.

    So I applaud your efforts. If I had my way, these people, the stalkers who don’t in fact respect JYJ’s right to any sort of private time, would be gone in a heartbeat, never to return. And instead of giving gifts, and writing signs of unending devotion at fan meets, perhaps they could be persuaded into giving the guys the gift of a little down time where they can just relax unobserved.
    I have to believe JYJ would seriously thank all fans everywhere for THIS gift.

  3. Totally agree too.
    Fan must respect them.
    Thay need a private life as ordinary people and thier career is not a reason that make anyone could disturb them.
    Thanks for your great articles as always.

  4. Mission4JYJ says:

    Yes because the laws of supply and demand work in fandom too just as we said, those SS people try to do their things even more actively to get more attention.
    If fans just keep enjoying the products which are the result of the members’ pain, this will never finish.
    We just wanted to alert people, because many fans don’t even have any ideas about how this tortures JYJ. So hope this could give a chance to think about more seriously.

  5. Sandra says:

    The articles may be long but they are very informative. I have linked them in communities that I co-maintain and encouraged everyone to support this campaign. For myself who have looked at and even saved such photos, reading this was a wake-up call. Thank you for putting this together!

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