[Trans] KIM Junsu appears on ‘Scent of a Woman’ as Cameo and sings its OST

KIM Junsu appears on ‘Scent of a Woman’ as Cameo and sings its OST
“First time to be on drama and I hope it will be good.”

 [NewN Kyung Min Ko Reports]

Junsu Kim of JYJ has given his thoughts on appearing on SBS Drama ‘Scent of a Woman’ as a cameo following participation in OST of the drama.

On July 30, the theme song of Sun A Kim, the heroine, ‘You are so beautiful’ by Junsu Kim was aired on the 3rd episode of ‘Scent of a Woman’ for the first time.

 The song was played during the scene that Yeon Jae(Seon A Kim plays) and Ji Wook(Starring Dong Wook Lee) had date in Okinawa[Japan] and when Yeon Jae was writing down what she would like to do before she dies.

“I was attracted by the story that heroine stands firm for the rest of her life even in the worst situation after hearing that her days are limited”,
expressed Junsu regarding this[song].

He also expressed, “The drama gave me an opportunity to think how much I appreciate people around me, how precious that I can breathe and live my own everyday life at this very moment.” “It feels even sadder and more plaintive because her desperate life and the last love of her limited life are described cheerfully. So I tried to sing her theme song sadly but also softly at the same time, thinking of Yeon Jae who is so pitiable and lovely.”

 His cameo appearance also drew attention in addition to [his participation in] the OST. The preview at the end of the 4th episode on July 31 revealed that Junsu would be appearing as a cameo on the drama.

 “It was my first time on a drama, but I enjoyed filming as everyone including Seon A Kim, Dong Wook Lee and Gi Joon Um were so kind and made me feel comfortable.
I hope I was able to give a good performance”, told Junsu.

 ‘Scent of a Wonam’ is a romantic comedy that Ji Wook Lee (Dong Wook Lee plays) who is wealthy but has no enthusiasm for his life realizes the true meaning of life after meeting Yeon Jae (Seon Ah Kim plays) who is low-ranking staff at a travel agency with a time-limited life due to terminal cancer. 

Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20110731n13372
Translated by Mission4JYJ (https://mission4jyj.wordpress.com)

** Don’t forget that Junsu’s “You are so Beautiful” will be available on Mnet, Dosirak, Bugs, and Melon for download at 12:00 AM Aug 5th!**

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