[ENG Trans] Kim Jaejoong “The Significance of Junsu and Yuchun? I live because of the two” (Interview 2)

Kim Jaejoong “The Significance of Junsu and Yuchun? I live because of the two” (Interview 2)

 “I’m worried about the cold impression I give” Warmth hidden inside the Ice Prince looks

[Jang Jin Ri] Kim Jaejoong is cold? Coy? Not talkative?

If that is the impression you have of him, you could kiss Kim Jaejoong’s Ice Prince image you had of him good bye.

◆Kim Jaejoong is an Ice Prince?…”Warmth hidden inside the cold impression”

Kim Jaejoong, who actually has warm personality unlike his appearance that may seem rather coy, boasts very broad personal connections. His personal connections have already been a big issue several times as his friends, ranging from Keita of Japan’s popular boyband W-inds to the one of the Japan’s hottest idol Yamashita Tomohisa, all have revealed that they were close friends with Jaejoong.

When [we] brought up Yamashita Tomohisa’s comment “I want to work on an album with Jaejoong” when he visited Korea, Jaejoong responded casually with a big smile, “It’s just a talk. He always does that,” showing off their close relationship as best friends.

Kim Jaejoong has made friends with the soccer player Jeong Dae Se in a very short time in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, where he visited as “Friends of Park Ji Sung.” They are still keeping in touch via Twitter and other mediums and are keeping their close friendship to present.

What is the secret behind this ultimate sociability Kim Jaejoong says, “It is not something that’s worth calling the ultimate sociability. I just think that my face is the type of face that make people feel a bit strange. If people with such an appearance first approach, people tend to feel more at ease and become friends faster. There are frequent occasions in which the other person is surprised to see a different side of me and therefore talks to me, and so we become friends.”

He continues, “Rather than making the first approach, I try to go up to them and say hi first even if it’s difficult. There aren’t that many people who wouldn’t say hi back when people greet you first. People often tell me that I am a lot different than how I look once they start talking to me.”

◆What is JYJ to Kim Jaejoong? “I live because of Junsu and Yuchun”

 There are two names that make Kim Jaejoong smile a lot brighter. That’s Kim Junsu and Park Yuchun, members of the same group. Kim Jaejoong smiled a lot more every time those two names came up.

 Kim Jaejoong is also registered as a member of FC MEN, a soccer team in which Kim Junsu is playing brilliantly as the Captain. However, Kim Jaejoong has never stood out in the soccer field. Regarding this, Kim Jaejoong makes a fierce attack on Junsu, “I am only participating in my name. The Captain only wrote Yuchun and Jaejoong’s name up and never use us [in the game.]” He soon bursts into laughter saying, “We are only being used for promotion.”

After laughing out loud for a while, Kim Jaejoong showed his affection for the little brother in a charming conclusion, “But I love Junsu.”

Kim Jaejoong is the oldest of the three members of JYJ. But just as much as the two younger brothers are rely on him, Jaejoong himself depends on the two. At the time of the interview, JYJ were experiencing some hard time with the sudden cancellation of appearance in Jeju New 7 Wonders of Nature Special Program.

[We] asked what his driving force is when he is going through tough and difficult times that he just wants to give up. Right away we hear the members name from him.

“Of course it’s the members. If I was to walk down this path by myself, it would have been too hard for me. I can go down this way because Junsu and Yuchun is there. We divide the hardships among the three and fruits of our work are also divded equally among the three of us. I want to place significance in that we do things together no matter what we do. This is the same with the fans and the staff.”

What do the two members mean to Kim Jaejoong? To this question, Kim Jaejoong couldn’t give an easy answer and thought about it for a considerably long time. After tilting his head sideways for a while, Kim Jaejoong made the room burst into laughter by giving answering in a parody of a commercial, “ah, they are so good. But there’s is no really good way of explaining.” After the joke, he continued his answer that was more like a serious confession.

“Acutally, it is very hard to explain because those two mean so much to me. I can’t compare it to anything else. In a way, those two are like my own two arms. If even one of your arms is missing, you can’t go on living, right? Likewise, I can live because they are here [with me.]”

As he expressed his feeling about the two younger brothers, Kim Junsu and Park Yuchun, it seemed like his voice was trembling a little and there was a little lump in this throat. But soon, Kim Jaejoong came back to his cheerful self as he continued his discussion about JYJ and the locations of right arm, left arm and the torso.

The title of drama in which Kim Jaejoong will set forward as an actor is “Protect the Boss.” Then, what does Kim Jaejoong want to protect?

“I want to consistently protect the relationship I have with [our] members right now. And I want to hold precious the music, the stage, and the memories that we have had since debut. Also I want to protect fans who love us too, as many as I can (laugh).”


Original Articlehttp://joynews.inews24.com/php/news_view.php?g_menu=700100&g_serial=593618

Translated by: Mission4JYJ (https://mission4jyj.wordpress.com)

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