[ENG Trans] JYJ “We have grown as artists since we stood on our own feet after leaving SM.”

JYJ “We have grown as artists since we stood on our own feet
after leaving SM.”

Oct 04, 2011

[Asia Today=Nam Hee Woo Reports]

There is a phrase: After a storm comes a calm.
The 2 years after they left SM Entertainment might have been continuation of going through the dark tunnel, to the group JYJ (Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu).

But they grew strong. They became stronger both in music as singers and acting as actors. Especially the unity between the members got stronger above all.
Their strength was proven by the result. The pre-order of their first Korean album ‘In heaven’ was 300,000 copies. Moreover, JYJ showed their reserved strength as all songs of the album have been ranked on the charts of the music sites as soon as it was released and 150,000 copies of domestic release were sold out.

Also JYJ, who toured around in Thailand, Taiwan, Beijing, Canada, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other cities so far, is going to show their true power as a Hallyu [Korean Wave] star through the tour in Europe in the second half of the year. Their tour is the first solo concert as a Korean artist and due to be held in Barcelona, Spain (Oct 29) and Berlin, Germany (Nov 6).

We [Asia Today] met JYJ at a café in Jongro on Oct 30 and they just could not hide their joy for releasing the first Korean album, as well as thrill and pride of the tour in Europe.

Q. How do you feel about making your way to Europe?

“It was a pressure when we had the concerts in Asia and the U.S.A. because it was our first solo concert [in those countries]. But we gained confidence after watching many international fans enjoying listening to our music. We would like to show K-Pop and JYJ’s own colors rather than doing music based on European trend, so that we can be recognized.”

Q. What is the concept of the 1st Korean album?

“It is really meaningful because it contains all the journeys and memories from JYJ showcase (2009) to World Tour concert. It’s a kind of sad that those songs are released as an album [CD] after 2 years, but we think it will be a turning point. It’s just significant because of the fact that we can actually introduce our music to public.”

Q. The process [of the album] must have been different, how was it?

“Of course there must have been something inadequate for perfection and something good in parts as well. All in one, the thing that we felt while we were working on our own songs was that there was no barrier. It was amusing that we can give our own opinions to each other and try something new.”

Q. KBS made ‘Pierrot’ [words written by Jaejoong] unqualified for
broadcasting review. What do you think?

“KBS didn’t even ask about what the words [of the song] really meant, and just decided based on their arbitrary imagination. P.S.M stands for Performance Success Museum. Those refer the places that people pursuing material success only are in.
It’s not producer Soo Man Lee.” (Jaejoong)

Q. Tell us what you think about the situation that you are having difficulties in TV appearance.

“It is so natural that singers want to come on stages and perform their songs after releasing an album. But it is just sad that we cannot even have a single chance.
Are we not popular?” (Junsu)
“It’s more like desire to show our songs as musicians rather than just wish to appear in music programs.” (Yuchun)

Q. Yuchun and Jaejoong both made a successful debut as actors.

“It was a pressure because I was given a lot of love after ‘SKK Scandal’. I felt like there was something lacking when I was doing ‘Miss Ripley’, my second drama, so I got more hunger for acting. I want to show myself improved for the next one.” (Yuchun)

“Things were manic in my mind when I started ‘Protect the Boss’ at first. I think I was under pressure and might have started the drama without much determination as an actor. Then I resolved not to be seen like a singer among other actors and challenged myself.” (Jaejoong)

Q. Junsu has done musicals, and have you ever thought of acting on TV?

“I was proud of Yuchun and Jaejoong as their teammate because I’ve seen the all three dramas that they appeared in. But I didn’t want to start it hastily after watching the members staying up all nights. I have the vicarious satisfaction as the two members are doing so well.” (Junsu)

“Junsu made a big fuss, saying that he wouldn’t do dramas without decent determination after his appearance in ‘Scent of a Woman’ as a cameo. Haha[laughed]. (Yuchun)

Q. It has been 2 years since you became independent from SM Entertainment.
Do you think JYJ has had development?

“I was so surprised when I heard the ordered quantity of the album. I didn’t expect that many, but came to think that I should do better after watching this kind of result. Especially I think we lightened up and felt more comfortable compared with 2 years ago.” (Yuchun)

“We had to do everything by ourselves from releasing the album to doing concerts. It was a pressure, but I just thought it was fortunate to have the members with me. We will do our best so that one day we can say that, ‘it was a good memory and we grew a lot’ when we remind this later.” (Junsu)

Q. Do you think you succeeded in standing on your own foot, after coming out of the shadow of TVXQ?

“Releasing the first Korean album is the product of our efforts from the last 2 years.
It is not important whether we came out of the shadow of TVXQ or not.
And we are still TVXQ. It’s more like we have our activities under the name of JYJ, in TVXQ. It is sad to hear that people call us ‘former TVXQ’.

Q. What kind of goals do you have as a singer?

“I wouldn’t say that we want to be ranked No.1 [on charts] no matter what as a musician.
I just want to do music as much as possibly can and let people listen to our music. I don’t want to use music for commercial purposes, but want to work on music freely with our hearts loving music.” (Yuchun)

“If there is something I hope, I wish we could have the same chances and stages like other artists have. We will endure until the time comes.” (Junsu)

Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20111004n09554
Translated by: Mission4JYJ (http://https://mission4jyj.wordpress.com)

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3 Responses to [ENG Trans] JYJ “We have grown as artists since we stood on our own feet after leaving SM.”

  1. ~ Sandra says:

    I am very proud of them and I also think that all the hardships that they’ve been through only made them stronger and better artists.
    Thank you for translating this interview. 🙂

  2. yylamyinyee says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this interview !
    I love their honest always in the interview , it’s a chance which can let them voice out something or can talk something what they want to say .
    As now is better than before due to their hard working & non-give up spirit , and becus they really have many different kind of connate talent , let them just a bit easier to overcome some of the troubles , but they still not go through all the hardships as somebody still want to shot them down !
    Therefore, they still need to keep their strength to walk pass through the darkness tunnel !!
    Also thanks for translating the interview !!
    Keep on support JYJ ^^

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