[ENG Trans] Column – An Inconvenient Truth about JYJ’s TV Appearance

[Column] An Inconvenient Truth about JYJ’s TV Appearance

OCT 04, 2011


Here is an idol group that is the center of Hallyu[Korean Wave].
They are immensely popular.

As an idol group, they have expanded their activities by combining unit-activities in acting, musicals and other fields. Their songs swept charts on music sites as soon as their album was released, pre-order of the album was 300,000 copies and even some record shops made exclusive counters only for their album. They are also due to have concerts in Europe, beyond the U.S.A.

However, music distributors refuse to distribute their album when this idol group plans to release, venues reject their concerts when they plan to have one in Japan.
TV program is cancelled even though they already have finished recording [of the program], and they even suddenly get cancelled of the stages that they are scheduled to perform to celebrate the event as the honorary ambassador.
You can see them on news and dramas but cannot see them on programs of entertainment department [of the same broadcasting company] at all.

If you see these twofold situations, you might think that this idol group committed some kind of heinous crimes or had really bad reputations that make people reluctant to work with them. Or you could doubt that they refrain themselves from TV appearances as a mysticism strategy.

What if all of these doubts are not true?
What if they are banned on TV without any heinous crimes committed, always receive a favorable evaluation from colleagues who work with them and sincerely desire to appear on TV?

Then it is a natural to think that there is something wrong.

This idol group who I have explained on this column, is JYJ.
The group is formed by Junsu Kim, Yuchun Park and Jaejoong Kim from TVXQ, the best Hallyu idol group of Korea, and they do not seem to have their activities freely even though they are massively popular. And they speak about these situations so calmly, as if these things are just everyday life to them.

They are idol stars and there are likes and dislikes to see them just like all idols have. Ordinary men might do not like them or there are fans and anti-fans even among women. But those have nothing to do with these situations. The thing you should focus on is that they [JYJ] are under unfair situations despite the fact that they have the most powerful strength as a celebrity.

JYJ has one of the most powerful strength as celebrity in public. The power of a celebrity comes from fans. The fandom JYJ has passes over Korea and the scale is beyond your imagination. The royalty of fans are amazing. At the moment in Korea, the pre-order of 300,000 copies of album is absolutely outstanding and this is just a simple example of their fandom’s volume and strength. However, they receive all kinds of unfair treatments although they have such powerful strength.

What could be the reasons for this? No one could say clearly.

But one thing seems to be clear – There are a lot of possibilities that some big power exists[behind of this situation].

There is a word P.S.M on the song ‘Pierrot’ on their latest album.
SBS and MBC enquired what the word meant, Jaejoong Kim who wrote the words of the song answered that it stands for ‘Performance,’ ‘Success,’ ‘Museum.’

The song was passed the broadcasting reviews of those two broadcasting companies.
But KBS interpreted this arbitrarily and the song did not pass the review [of KBS].
It did not even ask the meaning to the creator of the song.

Then what made KBS so sure of its review, on which certain basics?
There must be reasons.

One thing is clear. Other artists may face even bigger interferences that actually can make them impossible to live their basic life. For them, it is a problem of life or death.
I seriously think that this situation beyond fairness, which can severely damage someone’s living, needs to be corrected.

KBS previously said that JYJ would be able to appear on Music Bank when they release an official album. And JYJ says they really want to be there.
The songs already took the top of music charts and album sales seem to take the top for sure. Also their title songs, <In Heaven> and <Get out> already passed its broadcasting reviews. If JYJ cannot appear with these facts, it must be inferred that KBS, the public broadcasting cooperation that must consider its viewers as its priority, puts something above the viewers.

Also I expect that it would be way off to save artists who cannot have activities on TV with nothing to blame if JYJ could not appear on Music Bank.
You might think that there is no way but to surrender to the power [that causes this situation]. And surrendering to the power could directly become the beginning of unconscionable bargains, because this is a matter of simple survival to someone.

The issue of JYJ’s TV appearance is not just intolerant matter about whether an idol group can appear on TV or not. This is an issue of that whether the healthy industry can be settled or not. The current audition craze manifests show people’s desire to see no other than a fair society that evaluates someone only by ‘ability’. JYJ’s case is the same.

Whether you are a fan or not, this issue is definitely a matter you must think about.

About ‘fairness’.

Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20111004n27753

Translated by: Mission4JYJ (http://https://mission4jyj.wordpress.com)

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8 Responses to [ENG Trans] Column – An Inconvenient Truth about JYJ’s TV Appearance

  1. JYJ says:

    Fairness in Korea? I don’t see any fairness.. JYJ truly talented and it’s ironic to see them cannot appear on tv just because of the silly backdoor pressure. One day every broadcasting company will beg JYJ to appear! one day!

  2. solangejj says:

    Of course there is not fairness in how JYJ is being blocked everywhere.
    It’s just the pressure of the strong big companies , all of the afraid of the truth that carries JYJ.

    But, we are strong, JYJ is strong, our fandom is strong ^^

    We can do it! 🙂

  3. ~ Sandra says:

    Thank you for translating this article. I am glad that someone is writing about the unfairness of their situation. I find it sad that some people choose to be apathetic about their situation because “they’re just celebrities”. Injustice is injustice regardless of who is experiencing it.

  4. lilibaiyu says:

    I have a theory, purely my own of course, that SME is using the power it wields with these TV broadcasters as a bargaining chip in the on-going legal maneuvers surrounding the JYJ-SM lawsuit. Obviously, after nearly 2 years, the suit is winding down now and may soon be settled absolutely. It is in binding arbitration now, which means that basically they are deciding how much money SM will have to pay JYJ, who have so far won every legal ruling, including $17,000.00 and counting so far in fines that SM has been fined for interfering with JYJ’s right to pursue their career previous to this latest outrage since the “In Heaven” CD was released. I’m wondering if SM isn’t prepared to keep manipulating the major SK broadcasters behind the scenes to keep JYJ off TV indefinitely unless they are allowed to pay less in the settlement money and penalties that the court’s arbitrator has assessed to finally settle the lawsuit.

  5. shineystars says:

    thanks for the article
    it’s sad how JYJ are still treated like this from their own country broadcasting companies
    but may be the more public voices speak for them the more this will open new opportunities
    what if JYJ in every country they go to do a concert
    they managed to appear in their local tv at least in one program
    would this be able to Embarrass their own country which is blocking them for no reason but corruption of Bribes and power that reached the highest levels

  6. lilibaiyu says:

    “what if JYJ in every country they go to do a concert they managed to appear in their local tv at least in one program would this be able to Embarrass their own country which is blocking them for no reason but corruption of Bribes and power that reached the highest levels”

    There is no doubt that this scandalous affair has shamed and embarrassed S.Korea at the very highest levels of government and casts serious doubt on their credibility as a true democracy, with laws reflecting equal justice for all and a commitment to enforcing them. Even as we speak, the S. Korean ambassador is in Washington D.C. lobbying Congress to expand trade with S. Korea. WHY would we as Americans want to do this now when THIS terrible state of affairs is in full force there with NO ONE at any official level appearing to feel the need to speak out or do anything about it?

  7. “Possibilities that some big power exists[behind of this situation]” There is no question of that whatsoever. We know that it exists..It is sad that these public broadcasting companies are catering to this “power”. I’m just so thankful that our JYJ boys are made of stronger stuff than your average person to withstand all this. I am so proud of how they carried themselves throughout this whole ordeal. Why would this “power” be so afraid of three mere young men who just wants to sing? I’ll take that as a good sign for our boys and us. Yes our JYJ boys are strong and so are we. Together we will climb these mountains and together we will succeed. JYJ HWAITING!! JYJ FAMILY HWAITING!!

  8. Pingback: [Trans] An Inconvenient Truth about JYJ’s TV Appearance | ilnostroposto

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