[ENG Trans] JYJ Jaejoong Kim’s solo fan meeting in China made a great success – startling 1,000 fans cheered outside

JYJ Jaejoong Kim’s solo fan-meeting in China made a great success
– startling 1,000 fans cheered outside

JYJ Jaejoong Kim showed off his unchanging popularity.

Jaejoong Kim held his solo fan meeting at Shanghai International Gymnastic Center in China on Dec 10. The event was planned to return fans’ huge love for SBS drama <Protect the Boss> and received huge attention as the 4,000 seats had been immediately sold out when the ticket sales was open.

Jaejoong Kim arrived to Shanghai Honggyo Airport on Dec 09 and began preparing the event. The airport was overcrowded with 1,000 fans gathered to greet him and Jaejoong had to get out the airport through the exit for VIP passengers. Also on the day of Dec 10, his popularity was proven as not only 4,000 fans who purchased tickets for the event but also about 1,000 fans without tickets gathered outside of the venue and cheered him.

He revealed some untold stories of the <Protect the Boss> and sang <I’ll Protect You>, the OST that he wrote the word by himself for the drama. Also he received enthusiastic responses during the Q&A time that he selected the question papers written by fans, made a direct phone call to a fan chosen by lot and other games.

“I’ve been aware of that many fans in China support me and felt sorry that I could not come more often. I appreciate that fans gave me constant love like this although I came to China in a long time. I’ll do my best to be better actor and better singer in the future.” said Jaejoong.’

“<Protect the Boss> made huge sales result in international countries based on Jaejoong’s popularity. We’ve been flooded with requests from many other countries to visit their countries too.” reveled C-JeS Entertainment.

The host company of the event also said “Chinese fans were so passionate by watching the drama on the internet in real time regardless of the local broadcasting of the drama. Jaejoong has been so popular here and Muwon, the character he played, was also really attractive so that his popularity is just explosive. We were also so surprised by the fans gathered outside of the venue to cheer him despite the cold weather”.

It is known that he is working on the new songs for JYJ’s next album and reviewing the next work [for acting career].

Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20111211n03175

Translated By: Mission4JYJ (https://mission4jyj.wordpress.com/)

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2 Responses to [ENG Trans] JYJ Jaejoong Kim’s solo fan meeting in China made a great success – startling 1,000 fans cheered outside

  1. ~ Sandra says:

    Love his smile in the first photo 🙂 It’s awesome of fans to brave the cold weather to show their support, including those who cheered outside the venue. Definitely looking forward to his next acting project.
    Thank you for the translation~ 🙂

  2. suraku says:

    I want to be there
    Jaejoong you are wonderful

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