Sasaeng, Another Name of a Criminal


Hey you third class yellow journalists and HoTel sisters out there!

If someone went through other people’s trash to find more trash and shouted out
“This person threw his trash out in the bin! It’s dirty!” that is not news or a fact.
It is just dirty trash.

 It’s not like they were loitering, so if throwing trash into the garbage bin is dirty,
then is taking the garbage out the original sin and a vice?

Seems like you are sympathizing with trash’s feelings just a little too far there.

Don’t talk out loud that you are ‘THE trash’.
We are already well aware of that you are just lowering the whole worlds’ intelligence.

** You are free to move the post,
but please give the credit and do not amend the origial contents. **

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4 Responses to Sasaeng, Another Name of a Criminal

  1. alena says:

    Thank you for putting together this post. Your articles/translations on the sasaeng issue have been most informative.

  2. Kidlyd says:

    thank you for making this post and make things clearer. To be honest, before the whole controversy started, I already knew that JYJ must have been suffered so much from sasengs, but I didnt know that its HORRIBLE like that!!! JYJ might be criticted at first when someone tried to stir up this controversy, but when sociaty is fully informed how badly and damaged those sasengs do to JYJ, how HORRIBLE and stressed JYJ suffer from them, ppl are aside with JYJ. But no one can stop those mentally sasengs?? we can only sit here and see them continue turtoring JYJ?? It really break my heart Y___Y

  3. suzu says:

    Thank you for this!
    JYJ fighting!

  4. ritka says:

    JYJ fighting ………….luv uhhhhh

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