We are passionate, die-hard fans of JYJ.

There is not enough time in this whole world to praise JYJ for their talents and characters that we love the way JYJ deserves.
But still, the things that need to be get done needs to get done.

What our team mainly focuses on this blog is putting an end to the rumors about JYJ by refutting those false claims properly. You may have seen people like us somewhere who were also focused on ‘clearing JYJ’s names.’
Now we are here as freelancer rumor-fighters who aim to obliterate vicious rumors about JYJ with a stroke of a keyboard.

We could leave the painful memories and mistakes behind us, but we could not ignore what our hearts tell us – that we need to continue this fight against the rumors, not for anyone else but for JYJ.

So, let FANS who support JYJ be the driving force that can tear down the high walls built by the big powers in the entertainment industry which continue to exploit and persecute the weak and the vulnerable.

Until the day comes when there are no more rumors to fight, we promise to do our best to ‘clear JYJ’s names.’

We are on a mission, only for JYJ.

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